Motorola : Stop Ditching My Xoom Upgrades!

I bought the Motorola Xoom Mz601 about 19 months ago, it was one of the first duel core Android tablets, and one of the best Android devices out there at the time! Its still a great device, although a little heavy I really like it and enjoy using it. The main downside to it is Motorola’s lame update policy. 



Apparently they decided that my device will “Remain on Android 4.0.4  (ICS)”, which is way outdated and not even worth thinking about using!

Ofcourse i’ve had custom ROMs installed in my Xoom since about 8 or 9 months ago, and would never think of going back to the stock Rom due to their very bad update policy!

If you’d like to learn how to get this done i’d suggest checking out (this is for the Mz601 Model) I’m using the TEAM EOS Build:

NB: My device used to auto update using GooManager, however I was getting a “No new updates for your ROM error” I was on 4.1.1, when I read around I found that I had the last  ROM for 4.1, and now they have a new section and thread for 4.2.

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