Movies Rating System enforced in Kuwait

moviesrating11Remember my post regarding the enforcement of Movies Rating System in Kuwait cinemas back in September 2011, I just saw an announcement from Cinescape stating that from now on all movies marked 16+ will only be allowed for individuals aged 16 years and older and those who are younger won’t be allowed to enter the theater and in case they were found inside the theater they will be asked to leave and will not be compensated, and this is in compliance with Ministry of Information law. It’s about time to see Movies Rating enforced! I was hoping that they apply the complete movie ratings but that’s good for a start, what do you think?

My argument was that little kids shouldn’t see extreme violence in some movies which can really have bad effects on their mental health and behavior. Cinecape used to include movie ratings on their website but there was no enforcement. I’m now wondering if movies censorship will be less strict since this law was applied.

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