MP slams Interior Ministry over woman’s assault

KUWAIT: A lawmaker criticized officials at the Salmiya police station for allegedly refusing to cooperate with a woman’s request to press battery assault charges, and announced plans to send questions to Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al- Khaled Al-Sabah over the issue.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry responded with a statement in which they indicated that an investigation was opened in the case that involves a female shopper who says that she was brutally assaulted by four women, whom she described as tomboys, over a traffic dispute outside a mall on Salem Al-Mubarak Street.

The woman, a Lebanese national, said that detectives at the Salmiya kept her waiting for more than four hours after she obtained a medical report of wounds she sustained during the attack. The woman eventually decided not to press charges when she noticed that policemen were not interested in looking into her complaint, according to her statements. MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji suggested that ‘wasta’ or connections played a role in stalling the case. “The investigation department at the Salmiya police station refused to file a case despite the fact that the complainant was subjected to brutal assault at the hands of four ‘boyat’ (tomboys) in front of witnesses,” he said.

The lawmaker added that the detectives’ actions of ignoring the medical report that the victim provided was ‘unacceptable’, suggesting that they might have acted to ‘cover up’ the case after receiving calls from people with influence. “We demand equal law enforcement because people are born free and therefore should not be subjected to enslavement,” Turaiji added.

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