My shortest trip to Europe ever

20130224_152509 (Large)What was your shortest trip to Europe ever, seriously? Last week I was deeply thinking on how I’ll spend the national holidays in Kuwait when all of  a sudden my phone rang, it was my boss at work telling me that I need make reservation for the U.K because we have a quick business trip from the 25th till the 27th February. Frankly, I didn’t feel like travelling because I simply hate travelling to long destinations for a short time, and certainly not on national holidays! It’s not even worth the jet lag if you ask me. Anyway I made my booking for British Airways and this is my first time ever to try it and I must say I’m not impressed but I’ll be posting about my experience later.

20130224_153743 (Large)I arrived at Heathrow Airport and it’s freaking cold outside, probably zero degree or even sub-zero, then I took AirRail shuttle to a town called Reading which I also happen to never visit before, it’s one hour away from London via Metro. Currently I’m residing at Pentahotels and I don’t have much to do here, the town is fine I can see there’re shops and small malls scattered around but nothing much to do. Have any of you been to this town before? Is there anything fun to do?

I know it’s not the best resolution for holidays, anyway you can follow me on my instagram @BananaQ8i if you wish to keep in touch with me.

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