Naseem Co-op removes ‘Israeli item’

KUWAIT: Naseem Co-op’s board chairman, Aziz AL-Enezi said that the item removed from shelves from the co-op’s supermarkets was paper masks manufactured in China by a company owned by an Israeli.

He added that the product had been imported following standards import procedures and that the importing company had all MOH and customs paper work properly done. “In addition to other products manufactured by the same company, this item is found in many co-ops and other shops and nobody knows that the manufacturing company owner is an Israeli”,he explained noting that taking into consideration that Kuwait does not have normal relations with ‘the so-called’ Israel, the item was immediately removed from shelves and the employee responsible for receiving goods was referred to investigation. “How can one know the nationality of a company owner when this is not mentioned in customs documents?”, he exclaimed noting that this manufacturing company had been exporting to Kuwait for years.

He added that as soon as the coop administration learnt about the matter, the company agent was asked to remove the products and that, using special connections, it double checked the company profile. Notably, commerce ministry inspectors had received a citizen’s complaint about selling an Israeli product at Naseem co-op and confiscated it.

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