New Kuwaiti card games

20130305_154226 (Medium)I received a number of new Kuwaiti card games to review, the Kuwaiti-styled card games are becoming a trend and most of them are the same international card games yet with a slight Kuwaiti touch such as the cards design, names, wording…etc. I’m liking how these card games look but I wish if they come up with new fresh ideas, concepts and rules instead of just copying and translating popular card games.

Football Deal: It’s the same as the normal deal card game except that this one uses football terms such as players, stadiums, penalties…etc. The cards design and quality are both good and there’s a small leaflet that explains the rules. The price is KD10 which I think is high and must be reduced.

Delivery Phone: 66947769

20130305_154531 (Medium)Kuwaiti Deal: Same as the regular Monopoly Deal except with Kuwaiti terms (like streets, areas, Kuwaiti currency KD) and design. It comes in a nice packaging but the cards were not made of plastic so I suppose they are not very durable.

20130305_154814 (Medium)I noted the card has over 30 cards out of which 4 are new while the remaining 26 did exist in the original monopoly deal. It is sold for KD12 which is also high for a card game and shall be reduced.

Delivery Phone: 96982062

20130305_154937 (Medium)ElSoor Game: The owner says that it’s not a translation of an existing card game and that it brings a brand new concept and rules which is good to know. The owner is giving me one to try so stay tuned for my full review. It will be released at Proud 2 Be Kuwaiti expo on the 13th.

elsoor11 (Medium)

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