Nurses overtime allowance increased

KUWAIT: Health Minister Dr Ali Al-Otaibi issued a ministerial decree to adjust the amount of overtime payment for all nurses who work during the evening period to KD 5 instead KD 4. He said this decision comes as the ministry wants to make the amount paid to nurses equal to x-ray technicians and all other technicians. In another news, informed sources at the education ministry said there is an atmosphere of frustration in the education field because of illegal practices, as Ministry of Education Undersecretary Mariam Al-Wutaid approved the transfer of administrative supervisors to work as supervisors of educational stages, and this means that those transferred will demand educational cadres that they did not enjoy before.

Sources said there were some violations when the undersecretary appointed several heads of departments in the cirrucula sector without announcement or interviews, she also appointed a supervisor at the legal affairs who did meet the stated condition. The sources said that Education, Higher Education Minister Ahmad Al-Mulaifi asked for copies of the decisions to make sure of its legality, in addition to the tenders issue. The sources said 23 teachers sent a complaint to minister Al- Mulaifi protesting against the exams for supervisory jobs that were held on April 1. The teachers found it strange, during a meeting with Director of the Minster’s Office Anwar Malallah, the method the ministry followed in valuating the papers and deliberately reducing the marks of several competent teachers. They also accused three educational zones of cheating.

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