Oman: ANHRI Welcomes the Issuance of a Pardon for the Activists Convicted on Charges of Assembly and Insult

Cairo  March 24, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), welcomes the pardon issued by the Sultan “Qaboos” for some activists who were sentenced in the cases of insult, assembly and violation to the law on information techonolgy.

The sultan Qaboos ben Saaid, had insisted on Tuesday March 21, 2013 issued a pardon regarding the release of all the convicts in the case of insulting the Sultan, assemblying and violating the information techology law. Tens of activists and bloggers were convicted for long periods range from 12 months and 18 months in addition to the presistence of reviewing some senteces that issued against the activists and the bloggers.

The authorities have launched in the second half of 2012, a wide campaign against several activists, bloggers and writers on the background of the protests that took place in Oman after three activists were arrested during media-covering the workers strike that took place in Fahoud “oil field” at the end of may 2012.

It is worthy to be mentioned that the authorities release on March 17, 2013 several activists on a personal bail which include “Saaid El-Hashimi, Naser El-Gilani, Bader El-Jabri, Basama El-Kemoi, Basma El-Rajahi and Abdulah El-Giliani” after the accepting the challenge that issued by the higher court in March 4, which was submitted to it in the case of the defendants who were accused of assembling. Three were excluded as their challenge wasn’t accepted in from; “Mohamed El-Fazary, Mahmoud El-Rawhi and Khaled El-Nofaly, after several detainees were on hunger strike as a result of  the intransigence of the authorities to review the challenges submitted by them against the sentences issued against them.

ANHRI said that “at the same time which we welcome the pardon issued by the Sultan against the convicted activists in the cases of insulting, assembling and violating the law on information technology, despite that this step is late and the Sultan should have took it since the beginning of this fierce campaign against the activists and the bloggers. We demand from the authorities to review all the laws that repress the freedoms in Oman and amend it, to be in consistent with the international treaties and charters”.
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