Israel launches airstrike in Syrian capital

This photo released on the official Facebook page of Syrian President Bashar Assad, shows Syrian president Bashar Assad, right, surrounded by bodyguards as young people, wave at him during the inauguration ceremony on Saturday of a statue dedicated to "martyrs" from Syrian universities who died in the country's two-year-old uprising and civil war, in Damascus, Syria, Saturday, May. 4, 2013. Assad's second public appearance in a week came as Israeli officials confirmed the country's air force carried out a strike against Syria, saying it targeted a shipment of advanced missiles bound for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. (AP Photo)BEIRUT (AP) — Israel launched an airstrike in the Syrian capital Sunday targeting a shipment of extremely accurate guided Iranian-made missiles believed to be on their way to Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group, an intelligence official in the Middle East said.

إسرائيل بعد تقارير مهاجمة سوريا: لا تعقيب

قال النظام السوري إن “العدوان الإسرائيلي” على مركز البحوث العلمية في جمريا، ليل السبت، دليل واضح على انخراط إسرائيل في “المؤامرة على سوريا”، فيما اكتفت إسرائيل بالصمت رداً على الاتهامات السورية.