Blast from the Past: Baby-Sitters Club and Point Horror Books!


I’ve been unpacking some moving boxes, something that’s about a year over-due but it’s better late than never I suppose. One of the boxes I opened was labeled “books” and what was inside? My old Baby-sitters club books!



The last I’ve seen of these precious old things were a bunch of which I have auctioned off in a garage sale in 2010 and they were sold in a blink (post). Those I found in the box are my favourite BSC books and I wouldn’t give them away for any price. I’m keeping those for the day I have children so they can enjoy reading them as I did back in the 90′s. I had three different editions of the BSC series with three different cover styles. I think the BSC books are out of print now.


My favourite BSC book ever was the one with Mary Anne’s makeover! When her father takes her to cut her hair and buys her makeup and new jewellery. I love makeovers and in that book, I imagined I was Mary Anne going for my brave dream haircut.


The BSC had the main series and a few side story-lines like the BSC Mysteries and special editions. I didn’t have many of these though, there were harder to find.




The last I bought of the Baby-Sitter’s club was the one where Mallory leaves into a boarding school. I think I saw it there, number 123? I stopped reading the BSC series after that but I kept my books for the future. Look what else I found in the box! Point Horror books!



My favourite of the point horror books was the Cheerleaders Evil series! There is this evil spirit that haunts one of the cheerleaders and kills off one of them in the first evil and no matter what they do, the bloody thing just won’t leave them alone! I remember thinking to myself as I read the series over and over back in the day how horrible must those cheerleaders how felt, I could almost feel their despair from the pages.


One last book I found was the Cocktail 2000 Egyptian series. These I collected as well along with Malaf Al-Mostaqbal and Rajol Al-Mostaheel though none of these I could salvage over the years :

As I fondly picked up and stroke each books, the lovely memories of the days when I was young and innocent with nothing to worry about except my homework came back to me. I remember saving my small allowance, KD by KD, until I made enough money to go to Manara bookshop of Family bookstore in Salmiya – both long gone now- and buy myself some BSC and Point Horror books. Nothing made me happier back in the day! I also remember buying the ones I couldn’t find from Waterstones or W.H. Smiths in London whenever I vacationed there during the summer. In fact, the last point horror book I ever bought was from W.H. Smith in London in summer of 1996 or 1997.

I flipped through one of the books and the distinctive smell of old paper wafted back to me. I love that smell and I can’t believe I now own books that smell that way! All those precious beauties from the past occupy one single shelve in my library and they will proudly stay there as a memoir for my lovely childhood English books until the day they become my children’s books.


I hear that the Point Horror and BSC books are now discontinued and out of print. Too bad, for the girls of the BSC were like my friends and I enjoyed their company through the pages. Do you remember the Baby-sitters club books and Point Horror books? Do you still have any of them lying around? Which ones were your favourite?

Succellent Kuwaiti Strawberries from Wafra Farms!


On Wednesday I arrived home and found a packet of strawberries in the fridge. The label on the box said “Kuwaiti Strawberries”. As I washed and placed them in a bowl, I could see they were excellent, ruby red, very ripe, and extremely juicy strawberries. Their delicious scent was so strong, I could almost cut it with a knife as I cut off the strawberry stems.


I bit into my first strawberry and I have to say in all my life, I’ve never had such good strawberries before except once in the UK and they were British strawberries picked during the strawberry season. I had a little bowl of melted chocolate waiting by the side of the strawberries to make the fastest chocolate fondue ever but as I was dipping my strawberries into the chocolate, I realized those strawberries were much sweeter than the chocolate itself!


I went back to the co-op later on that day to get me more of those heavenly strawberries. I, err, couldn’t let go of the bowl. I had them for breakfast at work last Thursday and I’ve been feasting on them all weekend long, still in disbelief that these candy-like red gems were farmed and harvested from the soil of Kuwait, a desert’s soil!


I knew Wafra farms in Kuwait produced strawberries, I didn’t know they produced such excellent strawberries! There were no more details on the strawberry boxes regarding the exact farm name though. I’m wondering if I could drive to Wafra and perhaps go strawberry pickcing? The same way its done in Europe during the strawberry season, where you are given a basket and you pick strawberries and weigh them? It’s a very fun activity, one I’d personally make the two hours trip to the Wafra farms for.

If you know of any farm with good strawberries that allow strawberry picking in Kuwait, please do share. I’m looking forward to the day where we can go Alphonso mango picking in Kuwait as well.

Do you eat or drink food at the market before paying for them?

duefitcWhenever I shop at a Co-op or a super market, I sometimes notice that some shoppers take something off the shelves, open it, and start consuming it. Once or twice I even came upon empty wrappers thrown carelessly among the merchandise which means they are unpaid for. But most of the shoppers will take the eaten product to the cashier and pay for it.

I have to say I myself become very anxious if I’m in the company of someone who does that. I don’t like when that happens, because whether you like it or not, you are consuming something you haven’t paid for yet. A market is not the same as a restaurant. Plus, can you guarantee that by the time you make it to the cashier, your payments will actually go through?

I always wait until I’m in the car with my purchases fully paid for before I have a sip of water or a bite of chocolate. I would never open something and consume it before paying unless its an emergency, like I’m going to faint or something as drastic. Many people however don’t share the same view and think it’s OK and that everyone does it so why not, they will pay for it in the end. I’m not even sure if those markets allow customers to consume things before they were paid for in the first place.

Do you eat or drink food at the market before paying for them? and why?

Dreaming About the Weekend…


Missing the weekend during the work days is normal. Day dreaming about the weekend every single waking hour of your work day is borderline obsession. I wonder that should be interpreted as as a sign that it’s time for a vacation? Now that’s Wednesday, my mind almost but convinced that today the weekend will start, kaifi apparently, and that I will wakeup tomorrow morning to sitting by the open windows eating my favourite breakfast sandwich with a cup of homemade latte in total peace and quiet while watching weekend morning TV and thinking of how to spend the rest of the day in peace since I’m usually utterly spent and can’t do much but sprawl on my couch during those two glorious weekend days we get.

Do you ever get that feeling that the weekend is tomorrow when actually it’s the day after tomorrow and you end up in that waiting for the weekend to start mood for 48 hours or more? Maybe one day in the future, weekends would be 3 days instead of just 2. Until then, I will keep on dreaming.

A Joyful Surprise from my Friends


They say if you count the numbers of your real friends using the fingers one hand, then you can consider yourself lucky. I was blessed by many friends, some close and some distant, some good and some barely make the requirements of a ‘friend’. But then I have “twin” friends that keep surprising me with unexpected things that make me happy out of the blue. Why? Just because they can. They ask for no recognition, not even gratitude, just for my happiness.


For example, a big fat bag they had placed on my doorstep the other day and I came home to find it. Inside, a bubble wrap tied with golden ribbon with a purple post it. That post it, one with their handwriting that says “Because you’ve got the purest heart of them all.” meant the world to me. Why?


Gestures from your friend gives your spirit an instant surge of happiness. Something warm and tingly starts at deepest hollow inside your heart and starts to spread as fast as the smile on your face turns into a goofy grin. Someone, somewhere out there, thought of you, remembered you, made the effort to put a smile on your face, just because you are you.


I do get things sent to me all the time indeed, it’s not that I’m greedy or anything. It’s just… well, everything I’ve ever received was sent to Danderma the blogger, not for Nada the human being sitting behind the screen. Should I quit blogging, I doubt any knocks will be heard on my door. Any knocks except from the Twins and a few other friends that is.


Now how beautiful is this little gold and sea blue ceramic dress, with lovely Arabian calligraphy spelling the Basmala in Arabic what translates to “In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”? I love it! So beautiful, colourful and fun and traditional and modern.


My dearest twins, I’m blessed to have you in my life. Thank you, for your little gesture reminded me that I’m a person, not just a blogger, and that person is worthy of being surprised and made happy. Love you two, and wish you all the happiness this life has to offer :*