Car bomb kills 7 people in central Syrian city

FILE -- In this June 5, 2013 file photo released, by the Syrian official news agency SANA, a damaged street is seen in Qusair, Syria. Syria's civil war has morphed into a proxy fight in which Shiite Iran has strongly backed Assad, while Sunni Arab nations have backed rebels. Many Sunni hard-liners around the Mideast have taken Hezbollah's intervention in Syria almost as a declaration of war by Shiites against Sunnis. (AP Photo/SANA, File)BEIRUT (AP) — A suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden car Saturday in Syria’s central city of Homs, tearing through an area largely populated by the regime’s Alawite sect and killing seven people, a state-owned TV station reported. Meanwhile, government troops took control of a key village as the regime presses its offensive to clear a path between Damascus and the Mediterranean coast.

حزب الله ينفي وجود أسرى له بالقصير

نفى حزب الله وقوع أي أسرى من عناصره في قبضة مقاتلي المعارضة في سوريا، خلال معارك “القصير”، التي استعاد الجيش النظامي السيطرة عليها الأسبوع الماضي، في الوقت الذي جدد فيه الحزب اللبناني اتهامه لـ”الجيش الحر”، الذي يقود المعارك ضد القوات الموالية لنظام الرئيس بشار الأسد، بـ”الإرهاب.”