Tunisia: the Authorities Must Enforce the Sentence of the Court of Appeal and Release Samy El-Fahri

Cairo April 6, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), said that the authorities must enforce the judgment of the court of Cassation in the favor of Samy El-Fahri, the media-professional who is detained since last August in addition to suspending all the procrastinations that are against the law regarding his release.

The Court of Cassation had decided on Friday April 5, 2013, to appeal the sentence of the charges circuit of the Court of appeal related to the conviction of “Samy El-Fahri” in the case known in the media as “Kaktous”, in which El-Fahri, Abdulwahab; the former assistance to the fugitive Tunisian president “Zain El-Abdeen Ben Ali” and four of the national TV manager in the reign of Ben Ali are accused. It is worthy to be mentioned that the judgment of the appeal included El-Fahri and Abdelwahab, while the judgment upholds the judgment of the appellate court regarding the four managers.

Previously, the authorities refrained from enforcing a former decision to of the court of Cassation in previous stages to the same case in November 28, 2012. The decision at this time was to appeal the decision of the charges circuit in the appellate court of detaining El-Fahri in August 24, 2012, despite the court asserted on the decision to release El-Fahri on December 5, 2012, but the authorities kept on detaining him until today.

Samy El-Fahri is the chairman of “Attounissia” the private TV channel, in which a decision was issued to suspend one of its programs, only days before a lawsuit was brought before El-Fahri. The program address, entitled “the political logic”, the current authorities’ figures in a sarcastic way, such as “Rashed El-Ghanoshi” the head of Alnnahdah and Monsef El-Marzoki the president of the republic.

ANHRI said that “the insistence of the authorities to keep El-Fahri detained in violation to the law and the decisions of the higher judicial authority in the country time after a time, prove with no doubt that the prosecuting him is only a justification to ban him from exercising his media-work which annoy the authorities, which is a clear violation to the press freedoms and the freedom of expression”.

ANHRI added that “the continuation of the authorities to adopt the methodology of Ben Ali to silence the opposition’s voices and abuse the use of law to prosecute the media-professionals and repress their voices will destroy the credibility of the regime after the revolution and will get Tunisia back to the same situation that Tunisia was before the revolution or may be worse with the increasing violation against different basic freedoms of the citizens during the previous years”.

ANHRI demands from the authority regarding the necessity to enforce the decision of the Court of Cassation immediately and release “El-Fahri” in addition to stop prosecuting him due to his opposing situations to the regime or due to performing his media-work in the frame of the freedom of expression.

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Palestine: ANHRI Demands Brining the Elements of the Occupation Forces Involved in the Murder of Demonstrators to Justice

Cairo April 6, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), strongly denounces the murdering of two Palestinian protesters and the wounding of another by the occupation forces, during the peaceful demonstration that was organized by a group of young Palestinians at one of the check points in the north of the west-bank.

On Wednesday April 3, 2013, the occupation forces aimed heavy shooting on a group of young Palestinians who demonstrated at “Anab” military barrier in the east of the town of “Anbtah”, in the eastern of “Tulkarem” in the north of the west-bank. They have chased them in an attempt to disperse the demonstration which led to the murdering of two protesters; Amer Ibrahim Nagy Zarboul, 18 years old and Nagy Abdulsalam Nagy Blebesi, 19 years old. Both of them were shot by a live ammunition in the chest. The Israeli chasing to the protesters by the live ammunition led to the injury of three other protesters who included Fady Abdulqader Ibrahim Nasar, 20 years old, as he was injured by live ammunition in his right hand.

ANHRI said “Israel still challenge the international society by violating the basic human rights and the fundamental freedoms. The repeated assaults on the peaceful Palestinian demonstrators by aiming live ammunition despite the Minister of Interior’s statement of not using it against the demonstrators”.

ANHRI added “an immediate and urgent action must be taken regard such repeated assaults committed by the Israeli occupation and its repeated attack on the right to freedom of expression”.

ANHRI demonstrated that the obligations incumbent upon the states that have ratified the Fourth Geneva Convention include the necessity to fulfill their obligations under Article no. I of the Convention relative to the respect of the Convention and to ensure its respect in all circumstances, as well as the obligations provided in Article no. 146 of the Convention to prosecute the accused of committing grave breaches of the Convention, noting that such breaches are war crimes according to Article no. 147 of the fourth Geneva Convention on protecting the civilians and according to the first Additional Protocol to the Convention to ensure the protection for the Palestinian civilians in the occupied territories.

ANHRI Demands a fact-finding committee to detect the elements of the Occupation Forces involved and bring them before the criminal court.

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الأسد يحذر من عواقب تقسيم سوريا

حذر الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد مما وصفه “بتأثير الدومينو” في حال “تقسيم” بلاده أو سقوط نظامه، وقال إن عدم الاستقرار سيستمر في دول الجوار “لسنوات وربما عقود طويلة”.

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