What Do You Believe In?


Dear Al-Zain posted the following sentence on her instagram page yesterday, ”State what do you believe in with one word”. It got me thinking of what I believe in that is usually disputable and hence I decided to share and see if anyone else might have similar beliefs or such.

I believe in ghosts yet I wish to never encounter one, ever. I believe in the power of the evil eye, or envy, as I’ve seen its instant effects with my own two eyes. I believe in Karma, boy do I believe in Karma, during our lifetime that is. Sooner or later, you will get what you deserve, no bad deed can go unpunished. I believe in Aliens, yes sir I do. I don’t believe all these planets out there are merely decor for human beings to marvel at.

I believe in love at first sight, not only lovers love but also love between people in general. Sometimes you fall in love with a friend and you just know from the first moment you talk to them that you will be good friends for life. I believe in revenge, it’s so deliciously sweet indeed and better served ice-cold, but it should not menacing and hurtful.

I believe in human’s will power, as in, if you want something so very much, it will happen and do come true, positive thinking and wishing for the best also works and I’ve experienced it first hand. I also believe in keeping whatever your working towards a secret, so you don’t “jinx” it if I may say so in English. This goes hand in hand with my belief in envy and both stem from personal experiences.

I don’t believe in forgiveness though. I know we are supposed to forgive and forget, move on, but there are very few occasions when I did forgave and I find out that I can’t entirely watch the bitter taste of whatever I forgave out. Maybe when I’m in my 40′s it would be easier but I’m still not there. I however have the memory of a goldfish now a days so forgetting comes to me naturally without my trying to.

So, my dear readers, let me ask you think question. What do you believe in?

محمد النني: لم أتوقع نجاحي سريعا مع بازل

أبدى لاعب فريق بازل السويسري، ومنتخب مصر، محمد النني، سعادته الكبيرة ببدايته الطيبة مع فريق بازل، بعد انتقاله إليه في فترة الانتقالات الشتوية الأخيرة. وقال محمد النني، في مقابلة خاصة لموقع CNN بالعربية، إنه لم يتوقع أن تكون بدايته في الدوري السويسري بهذا النجاح، بعد ثقة الجهاز الفني في قدراته.

البحرين: كشف مخطط إيراني لتأسيس "جيش الإمام"

كشف رئيس جهاز الأمن العام البحريني، اللواء طارق الحسن، تفاصيل ضبط عناصر ما جرى وصفها بـ”الخلية الإرهابية” التي أعلنت عنها السلطات السبت، مشيرا إلى أنها كانت تهدف إلى تأسيس قوات مسلحة تحمل اسم “جيش الإمام” لتنفيذ عمليات “إرهابية” ضد العديد من النقاط الحيوية والعسكرية في المملكة، بأوامر من شخص على صلة بالحرس الثوري الإيراني.

Table Tennis Kuwait Open

The video above of the impressive shot that took place during the recent ITTF Kuwait Open has been making its rounds around the internet today. What I find more impressive is how an important event like the ITTF Kuwait Open took place in Kuwait and very little knew about it. Based on the news stories on the ITTF website, it looks like it was an important event yet I don’t recall seeing any advertising for it. Not a lot of activities like this take place in Kuwait so I’m sure a lot of people would have been interested to watch it. [YouTube]

British prime minister lays mourning wreath at site of 1919 massacre of Indians – Fox News


British prime minister lays mourning wreath at site of 1919 massacre of Indians
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لبنان: التحقيق في نشر صور مسيئة للعاهل السعودي

فتحت السلطات القضائية اللبنانية تحقيقا يهدف إلى التعرف على هوية أشخاص قاموا بتعليق صور وصفت بأنها “مشوهة” للعاهل السعودي، الملك عبدالله بن عبدالعزيز، في بعض المناطق، في تطور يأتي بعد أيام من إثارة جدل حول صورة كاريكاتورية لرأس الكنيسة المارونية في لبنان، نشرتها إحدى صحف المملكة.