Slider Station-ing at OMAN ;)

Slider Oman -5.jpg

so the first thing I did when I stepped in Oman … Was insisting to pay Slider Station a visit! Well the first thing I really did was go to the beach :P   I NEEDED SOME SUN SO BAD and since our stay was very very short the only chance we could go to slider was for dinner !

Slider Oman -2.jpg

Was hoping lunch so we can see the sea side view  and take some pictures but we basically slept on the beach side resort ! :(

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Please don’t take this personal .. but I didn’t enjoy any restaurant I went to in Oman .. THE FOOD wasn’t very good :S especially at our hotel which was SHANGRILA I thought the food would be awesome .. but it was ok.. so I was insisting and nagging to go and have slider for dinner since I was starving !

Slider Oman -4.jpg

Slider Oman -3.jpg

SO the LOOK AND FEEL rang a bell .. it was a mix of slider Kuwait + B+F open Flame ! :)

Slider Oman -8.jpg

Not a surprise .. there was a cue all the way outside the mall !  Even thought we were on a waiting list .. I had one word going through my head .. ” PROUD” it made me so proud .. a Kuwati owned business getting that much buzz in Oman !

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Slider Oman -10.jpg

And the Slider famous table .. I LOVED THE TABLE IN OMAN more Than Kuwait’s  for some reason :P

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Slider Oman -26.jpg

Slider Oman -27.jpg


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Some of the dishes has different touches than kuwaits like the dynamite fries in Oman comes with chicken and not beef .. I personally loved it with beef more .. 7aji on the other hand loved the chicken version way more !;)

Slider Oman -16.jpg

I treated myself with 2 sliders +  duck slider + dangerous , tenderloin lolli pops and a couple of bites from the wild fire !

SLIDERS AND BURGER TASTES AS GOOD ! ;) THE TASTE IS THE SAME.. even though I thought it will taste different !

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Slider Oman -14.jpg

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Now the staff was amazing .. they were also wearing really cool shirts :P and they didn’t think I was a freak show that I was snapping away :P

Slider Oman -25.jpg

Slider Oman -34.jpg

And I thought I should bring my funny staff 7ajudude trade mark pic back!  ;)

Slider Oman -36.jpg

This is for MR BASIL AL SALEM ;)

Slider Oman -9.jpg

I really needed a proper meal .. if your visiting Oman soon you must visit for a proper cooked lunch or dinner .. you will surely enjoy it !

Oasis by the Sea Shatti Al Qurum,
Muscat ,Oman
Phone: +968 24698990



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