Palestine: ANHRI Demands the Release of the Three Students who were Arrested by the Occupation Forces

Cairo March 9, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), strongly denounces the arrest of three students by the occupation forces during the protest demonstration that began from the Hebrew university in solidarity with the Palestinians prisoners who are in hunger strike in the Israeli prisons.

On Thursday March 7, 2013, the occupation forces arrested three Arab students who participated in the demonstration that began from the Hebrew university in Solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners who are on hunger strike and to protest against the Occupation forces harassing to the Arab students which included subpoena of investigation and threatens of arrest, which actually happens in several times.

Some students directed to the residents of the students after the end of the demonstration as they were attacked by the police forces and two were arrested; Magd Hamdan and Ali Gassar. They were taken to the Saladin police station then another protest erupted to protest against the arrest of the students as the police arrested the student “Tarek El-Khatib”.

ANHRI said that “assaulting the peaceful demonstrations is a serious violation to the freedom of expression and a serious violation to the basic human rights which were always violated by the Israeli occupation”.

ANHRI added that “Israel must protect the rights of the Palestinians to peaceful expression as guaranteed by the citizens. Israel must halt harassing the activists and the participants in the demonstrations”.

ANHRI calls on the major friendly countries of Israel to make it stop the repeated violations to the rights of the Palestinians and harassing the activists in addition to the release of the Palestinians prisoners in the Israeli prisons.

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