Palestine: ANHRI Denounces Assaulting the Occupation Troops to a “wedding party of a resistant” and arrests of tens

Cairo March 12, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), strongly denounces the occupation troops assault “a wedding part of a resistant” on the background of the protest of the participants on the law of “the nationality and entry to Israel”. ANHRI also denounces the assault of the tens of Israeli settlers to tens of Palestinians in “Wadi Abu-El-Riesh and El-Galzon”. ANHRI also denounces the arrest of 11 Palestinians in three camps by the occupation forces in addition to the arrest of a young man from Jenin by the Israel Security Agency and refused to provide details regarding his arrest.

The occupation forces, on Saturday March 9, 2013, assaulted what they have called organizing a wedding party for the resistance by tear gas bombs and Stun grenades to disperes the participants who took to the streets to protest against the nationality law and entry to Israel, Such law was made by the Israeli authorities, as the virtual bride was arrested and the bridgroom was suffocated and went to the hospital.

Tens of Israeli settlers, in the same day, assaulted several Palestinians and their lands in addition to throwing stones on them in the areas of “ Wadi Abu-El-Riesh and El-Galzon” in the north of Ramallah.

In a persistence to the above-mentioned, the authorities on Sunday 11, 2013, have arrested six youths from the camp pf “Aiday” in the north of Bethlehem. The authorities have arrested five from the old munipality in the occupation of the occupied Jersulm. The Israel Security Agency have arrested a young guy from Jenin in cooperation with the police authority after the pressing false charges on them “doing dangerous acts to security” without disclosuing what are these acts or how dangerous are they.

ANHRI said that “the persistence of the Israeli state in repressing the Palestinians and repress their right to expression are a serious violation the basic human rights which were provided by all the international charters and norms”.
ANHRI added “Israel must respect the human rights and his basic freedoms in addition to guarantee such rights and freedoms to the Palestinians as Israel is the occupation forces and who have the power on the ground; that the management of their affairs”.

ANHRI demands from the Israeli occupation forces to immediately and unconditioned release of the arrested bride in addition to the elevens guys who were arrested. ANHRI also demands from the Israel Security Agency to discolor the reasons behind the arrest of the guy in Jenine and immediately release him”.

ANHRI calls the international and regional organizations in addition to the friendly states of Israel to press it in order to respect the human rights and the human basic freedoms in addition to stop harassing the disarmed Palestinians and to stop pressing false charges on them.

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