Palestine: Occupation Forces Wound Tens of Palestinians by Rubber Bullets and Arrest Others

Cairo February 21, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), strongly denounces the use of metal bullets coated by rubber to escalate the conformations that broke out between the forces and the Maqdisi youth in the occupied Jerusalem in the barrier of Sh’afat.

The occupation forces used the excessive force during addressing the protests in which several Madisi youth on Wednesday February 13, 2013, as the forces fired heavy tear gas bombs which resulted in several suffocations which included 4 women. The forces also fired rubber bullets which led to 12 injuries among the protesters in addition to wound a member of the field hospital, the medic “Motaaz Idris”.

Several of Maqdisi people protested from the cut of the electricity, which lasted for three hours as a result of the breakdown of the transformer of Sh’afat barrier.

On the other side, the forces invaded, in the same day, the village of “Beet Dequ”, as it has arrested tens of youth after invaded their houses by military vehicles and soldiers”.




ANHRI said that “the Israeli assaults on the protesters by excessive violence, is a serious a violation to the freedom of expression and violation for the basic human rights; recognized in all the international charters and norms”.

ANHRI added that “Israel must halt the repeated violations to the right of the Palestinian, which exercised once and again by the forces due to the people exercise to their right to freedom of expression, which is a clear and frank attempt by the authorities to intimidate the citizens and silence them from their legitimate rights”.

ANHRI noted that the necessity of the friendly countries to Israel to press it, in order to make it stop using the rubber bullets in their confrontations to the peaceful protest conducted by the Palestinians on their land.

ANHRI demands an international investigation in the use of the rubber bullets, in particularly, after the minister of interior rescinds his decision of using the bullets against the confrontations. It clarify the Israeli forces violations to the decision to “Eli Yishai” the minister of interior which is bound to them, in order  to keep the image of Israel that doesn’t violate human rights. ANHRI demands an international investigation related to the systematic repression that are adopted by the troops against the Palestinians in addition to the necessity to immediately and unconditionally release of the detainees from “Bait Deqnou” village and the forces pledge of not invading the house again.


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