Panel firm on term ‘illegal residents’

KUWAIT: The central agency for streamlining the status of illegal residents said the official name that should be used for this group is “illegal residents”, adding that no other name fits them. It said that is based on the council of ministers decision 915/2013 regarding the approval of the term “illegal residents” in correspondences.

The central agency said in a report on implementations of decision 409/2011, that was issued to complete presentation of social, civil and humanitarian advantages, services and facilities to illegal residents for the period from April 2011 to December 2013, mentioned that the total number of illegal residents in 2013 reached 111,366.

It said that under the presence of this number and type of illegal residents in the country including several nationalities, it may be difficult to obtain integrated merger of all these numbers with Kuwait society, as hoped for, adding that this situation may endanger the national identity. The report said that illegal residents were divided into three groups. The first group of illegal residents need to adjust their status, the second group can be looked into their naturalization, and the third group are those who can be given residence permit in the country.

The report said that illegal residents enjoy education care through the education charity fund, as the fund bears education costs at all stages and the number of those benefiting from the charity fund during school year 2012/2013 was nearly 14,910 students at a cost of KD 4,453,566.

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