Sheikha files complaint against brother

KUWAIT: A sheikha accused her brother of beating and insulting her and not allowing her to enter the house. A complaint was registered at Surra police station.

• An Egyptian doctor told Hadiya police that a citizen insulted him and threatened to deport him. The doctor, who works in Adan hospital, said the incident took place when he told her that he is an emergency doctor and handles urgent cases, and that her case can be treated in the polyclinic.

• A Bangladeshi grocer told Nugra police that two masked men threatened him with an axe and robbed KD 300 and KD 50 worth of phone recharge cards.

• A cashier at Qairawan cooperative said three persons beat him up when he told them that the cash register was not working.

• Security authorities discovered forgery in transactions for driving licenses issued to foreign students by forging certificates issued by private universities for money. Sixty seven suspects were arrested. The first suspect was sentenced to seven years in jail, the second until the eight suspects were sentenced to five years, and the rest received a one year suspended jail sentence.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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