So is PlayStation 4 worth the long wait?

ps4render-tilt-580-75Did you guys check SONY press event for PS4? I was watching the event live streaming late last night because I wanted to know whether PlayStation 4 is worth the long wait or it will simply be a last stand for SONY’s gaming business since many are speculating that future of gaming consoles is already at stake because they will likely be overran with the latest smartphones and tablets devices that can run high resolution games with decent graphics and cost less for downloading games than buying blu-ray discs.

SONY CEO says that developing PS4 has started back in 2008 and rumor has it that PS4 will be released in November 2013 for around £270 (that’s KD135 roughly), if rumors are indeed true then that’s one dreamy deal because I remember PS3 was a lot more expensive when it first came out (KD200+).

PS4-controller-confirmedSo let’s talk about the specs shall we? SONY didn’t unveil neither the full specs nor how the actual console looks like and I hated them for that but the confirmed specs include 8GB of GDDR5 memory, high-end GPU and an 8-core processor with 2 teraflops of performance (I expected faster), unnknown HDD storage but my expectation is 256GB+ and I wish if they use SDD instead of HDD. The joypad looks identical to the leaked pictures a few days ago and it resembles the older PS3 joypad with a share button added, so nothing major here.

SONY says PS4 will include many new features such as multi-tasking; gamers can now pause/resume midgame and can download in the background while playing or when system is off, another smart feature I read about is that you can download a game and start playing it while the download is still progressing. Also SONY is trying to focus on social networks in their PS4 with a social app for sharing players screens and videos, also you can hand-over the control of your game to a remote player by clicking share button, interesting. However the feature that I liked is that PS4 will have no boot-up time, so once you press the power button you will be directly taken to the home screen. So far so good? Well not with me because PS4 will not run PS3 games, so you can kiss the backward compatibility goodbye! Not a smart move from SONY if you ask me.

So am I impressed with PS4 thus far? Well the complete picture isn’t clear for me yet to give a fair judgement but we have to wait to get more answers and bear in mind that Microsoft Xbox 720 is also underway. If you have more insights on PS4 please do share with us, read my previous PS4 post [link]

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