Solve the problem with your Wifi Coverage at home


I though I had everything sorted in my house when it came to networking, and I was going to use the phone line outlets in the walls to connect Ethernet cables through them. But to my disappointing  my office room in my house doesn’t have a telephone outlet and only has a couple of electricity outlets, and the best place I have coverage in my house is my bedroom which is where my Mada router resides.


I.e. A network cable from the room to the office room was not a solution, WiFi signal was weak and I can’t live on my Zain’s LTE subscription since i’ll finish my allocated bandwidth in a couple of days hehe.


The solution!



It was one Friday morning, woke up early and I had an hour to burn before going to DHL, so I passed by XCite. To my amazement, they had the linksys PLSK400, which is basically a power-line networking device. Simply put, It will let you use your power cables as network outlets! I connected one in the office and the other one in the bedroom and I had Ethernet connectivity!

This cost me 22 KD after discount, its comes in two models, this one, and another one which extends your WiFi coverage too!



Simply connect them to the wall sockets and the provided Ethernet cables, one to your router and the other one to your computer in the other room!



Voila ! You are now connected to your network via your electricity cables! No re-wiring, no hassle, no configuration simple plug-n-play – literally!

NB: They state on the box that the speed could go up to 200 Mbps depending on your electrical infrastructure!

It might be worth paying the extra 20 KD and getting the one that extends your wireless too! BTW, I asked what happens if it doesn’t work? they simply said bring it back within 48 hours and you can change the item with something else!

NB 2 : You know some of Xcite stores open 24 hours a day – Go get one you know you need it :p


Here’s a short lesson on Powerline Networking if you want to know more  :



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