Versace Versus Caffè Kuwait Now Open

20130223_143431 (Large)I was having my lunch at Le Sushi Bar at Al Hamra Luxury Center a while ago and the way out I saw Versus Caffe was opened, I went ahead and asked when they did they open; they said less than an hour ago, what a coincidence! Versus cafe is a subsidiary of Italian fashion brand Versace which was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, big thanks to Wikipedia. On the inside the cafe had high-end finishing materials with everything from A to Z red-colored and customized to have Versace touch, I could feel Versace written all over with the logos printed everywhere; the seats, the walls, the ceiling, the mugs… etc.

20130223_143639 (Large)They said this is the 2nd branch to open in the Middle East though I’m not sure where is the 1st branch? Anyway I grabbed the menu and saw a variety of food items and beverages, they said their specialty lies in their Italian pasta and risotto, also they said they are using one of the finest coffee in Europe named Lavazza which also comes from Italy and that customers will be able to watch fashion shows on large screens while they are waiting for their order to be served. The walls were all covered with mirrors, I could see my reflection everywhere I walk, it felt sort of a maze. As I said everything was painted with deep red hot so I guess it would be an ideal destination for Valentine’s Day. They said they will soon have an outdoor terrace seating area facing Kuwait City  with colorful fountains, I suspect that would look great in the evening especially during cool spring times.

Their desserts presentation and gateaux looked tempting but I didn’t check the taste so I cannot comment on that, I haven’t checked the prices either but I’ll give them a try sometime and let you know.

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