Iraqi: ANHRI Denounces the Arrest of a Photographer by the Army and Demands His Release

Cairo April 15, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces arresting a photographer by elements affiliated to the army without legal basis or justifications.

The elements from the 11 team of the Iraqi army on Tuesday April 9, 2013 arrested “Essam Sohil”, photographer in Sharkiah newspaper, they have also confiscated his equipments, which was with him, at one of the temporary security check points in Al-Azamiah, without legal basis, justifications or security reasons.

The army elements send him to Crimes Directorate in Al-Azamiah without reasons. It is worthy note that “Essam” was always cooperative with the security bodies and he was known for his high professionalism in addition to that it was proved that the decision regarding his arrest was issued by high leaders in which he is arrested and for unknown time.

ANHRI said that the increase regarding the assault on the journalists and the media-professionals in Iraq, place Iraq in the most hazardous states regarding the media-work. The security bodies compete with the armed groups to target the journalists in the frame of absenting the law by the central and regional authorities. Both of them disregard the constitutional and legal protection provided the press work and disregarding all the international charters that were signed by Iraq and they were obliged to protect the freedom of the press and media in addition to refrain from harassing the journalists due to their work.

ANHRI demands the immediate release of the detained journalist and an immediate investigation in the event to identify the perpetrators.

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