Oldest KFC in Kuwait

kfcold11I always wondered what is the oldest fast food restaurant in Kuwait and when was it opened? My wild guess was that it’s probably Wimpy, KFC or Hungry Bunny. This was until I saw this picture for the first ever Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet to open in Kuwait back in 1973 (that’s 40 years ago), I never knew fast food was that old in Kuwait! They say the first two outlets were located in Salmiya and Dahiya Abdullah Al Salem and owned by Americana group.

Personally Kentucky Fried Chicken (which was re-named later to KFC only) was the first fast food restaurant that I ever ate at in Kuwait back in early 80s and it was so tasty back then but the tastiness has gone over the years, well maybe it’s just me. Somehow having a fast meal felt like something special (sort of a VIP thing) back then. The fast food trend has continued to grow in Kuwait with the opening of Wimpy and Hungry Bunny in 80s then came along McDonald’s (1994) and Burger King (1997) if I remember correctly? I recall McDee’s first outlet was the one opposite to Sheikh Sa’ad Al Salem Al Sabah palace on the waterfront. Wendy’s and Arby’s in Salmiya were also among my favorite-list in early 90s, sadly they were both closed. Nowadays Kuwait is stuffed with fast food restaurants that keep popping up in every other corner. So what was your favorite fast food restaurant?