The Chocolate Bar’s National Day Cake


To celebrate the upcoming occasion of The National Day of Kuwait, The Chocolate Bar is offering a lovely cake shaped like the map of Kuwait and colored in the flag of Kuwait’s color.


They sent me the Kuwait National Day cake yesterday to try and I have to say it looked so good, I didn’t want to cut it up!




The smell of the cake was so sweet and sugary, I couldn’t wait to put aside my camera and grab a knife instead. I cut the part that represent the island of Boubyan to try, take a look at what lies beneath the sugar coating.


Its chocolate and red velvet cake layers surrounded with smooth cream and the entire thing is encased in the almondy sugar layer with the colors. So delicious! Thank you The Chocolate Bar for sending this delicious cake my way!

The cake is now available to order for the National and Liberation days celebrations. To place an order or for more information you can contact The Chocolate Bar by calling 22263396 or following them on Twitter (@TheChocoBar) or Instagram (@TheChocoBar).

Military Aircraft Assemblage at 360 Mall

militaryaircraft11Someone from 360 Mall has sent email about an interesting and first time thing in Kuwait that will be held at the Mall, it’s an event where they will be assembling one of the oldest British military air-crafts in Kuwait named Spitfire that was manufactured in 40′s and used during World War II in front of the public. The interesting part is that this aircraft is still operational and can fly too.

 Where: 360 Mall Main Atrium

 When: 22-27 February

Diet Center’s National Day Gift


To celebrate the upcoming National and Liberation days on 25 and 26 February consecutively, The Diet Centre sent me a very nice package. Diet-friendly desserts on a silver tray with two books talking about the History of Kuwait.



The desserts tray comes filled with baklava and a big delicious looking strawberry tart. All topped with a cookie decorated to look like the flag of Kuwait.



I don’t know which made me happier, the strawberry tart or the two books! The books most likely, and they are so suitable for the upcoming occasion!


They even come with a dedication on the front page. Nice touch!


Thank you The Diet Center for your very thoughtful gift. For more information regarding The Diet Center you can check their website (link), like their facebook page (link), follow them on Twitter (@DietCenterKW), or on instagram (@DietCenterKW).

Table Tennis Kuwait Open

The video above of the impressive shot that took place during the recent ITTF Kuwait Open has been making its rounds around the internet today. What I find more impressive is how an important event like the ITTF Kuwait Open took place in Kuwait and very little knew about it. Based on the news stories on the ITTF website, it looks like it was an important event yet I don’t recall seeing any advertising for it. Not a lot of activities like this take place in Kuwait so I’m sure a lot of people would have been interested to watch it. [YouTube]

#VIVA #Telecom #512kuwait || مسابقة بلاي ستيشن لكرة القدم

viva 1 #VIVA #Telecom #512kuwait || مسابقة بلاي ستيشن لكرة القدم

512 Kuwait Tournament #VIVA #Telecom #512kuwait || مسابقة بلاي ستيشن لكرة القدم

512Kuwait : منظم البطولة

VIVA Telecom : الراعي الرسمي

 FIFA 13 : البطولة حول لعبة

مكان البطولة : مجمع 360

تاريخ بدأ البطولة : من 21-3-2013 إلى 23-3-2013

كيفية التسجيل : زيارة الموقع  ابتدءا من تاريخ 21-2-2013


512 Kuwait in association with VIVA Telecom, are proud to announce the VIVA 512 Playstation Football Tournament to be hosted at 360 Mall Exhibition Hall on March 21st to March 23rd 2013.

512 Kuwait is an entity exclusively dedicated to video gaming events and VIVA is the newest, most advanced telecommunications service provider in Kuwait.

VIVA 512 will be the largest console gaming event hosted in Kuwait in terms of number of participants competing in EA Sports FIFA 13 over a period of 3 days. 512 contestants will compete in the knockout tournament, filtering down to one sole winner on March 23rd.

The Select Photography Book


I like it when new interesting books are released into the world. I like it even more if I can get my hands on a copy as soon as I know if its release. The “Select” book is a big black album-like book with dazzling photographs printed on its glossy pages. The photographs are all taken by talented photographers from Kuwait in different photography categories: landscape, food, portrait, fashion, street, and more.



I loved the book. I enjoyed flipping through its pages while sipping a big fat cup of Arabian coffee yesterday evening. With each flip of a page, my eyes would fall on yet another stunning shot and I’d be lost in the beauty of its details. I hope one day I’d be able to take impressive shots like these.


The Select photography book will make a great addition to my collection of coffee table books. If you are interested in photography and want to check how the talents in Kuwait view the world around them, then this book is defienetly for you. Thank you Select book team for sending me the book, I love it when I return home to find a book, and a gorgeous one, waiting for me.

The book retails at KD 9 and can be purchased from That Al-Salasil bookshop, Dar Al Funoon, FA Gallery, Tilal Gallery, CAP, The M Gallery, Style Boutique in Qurtoba, Baking Tray Cafe, Someday Cafe, and Brush Cafe. For more information you can contact the team behind Select book by emailing them on, follow them on Twitter (@SelectKW) or on instagram (@SelectKW).

Kuwait: the Authorities Bans a Video Editor from Editing Videos

Cairo February 17, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the authorities of forcing the video editor known on twitter as “ 7MGAN the lover of the Oppressed people” from editing any other videos.

The stateless activist known as “7MGAN@” on twitter, as he mentioned that he was banned from editing any new videos to support the case of the stateless in Kuwait after the authorities practiced pressure on him that amounted the assault, beat, custody and practiced pressure on his father in order to stop his activity and force him to sign the declaration of not designing a video again.

The activist added that he changed his youtube channel password without looking, so he can’t reach it again.

ANHRI said that “the forcing of the stateless activist by the authorities to leave his activity in editing the videos that support the demands of the stateless, is a serious violation to his personal right to express his opinion via Internet. Such violation should be added to the violations that are committed by the authorities against the stateless activists and bloggers and against the Kuwaiti bloggers and activists as the authorities harass more than 200 activists and bloggers due to using the social networks to express their opinions”.

ANHRI demanded from the authorities to respect the freedom of expression and not to harass the activists and bloggers on the background of their peaceful activity to call for political and social reforms in Kuwait.

ANHRI demand from the authorities to reveal the entity that forced the blogger to stop his editing videos and bring him to the investigation authorities.
For more information on Kuwait

Also available in : العربية

Now ship from the UAE with Aramex

Although I’ve stopped using Aramex for their increased prices and long delays, i’ve found out from our friend @How2Q8 that Aramex are providing  a UAE address.


Called up Aramex and it turns out that the cost is exactly what they charge from shipping from the US and UK (somehow i feel they are ripping us off – might be the distance from Kuwait to UAE?!).


They charge you 3.5 KD for the first 1/2 Kilogram, then 2.75 KD for every additional KG.


Aramex UAE

#BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

blackberry 10 1 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

Z10 وصلت لي دعوه لحضور مؤتمر انطلاق هاتف بلاك بيري

Z10%20SpecSheet%20(Arabic)%20210x210 O Low 1 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

انطلق الحفل من منتجع صحارى الكويت بحضور كبار الشخصيات الكويتية وحضور اعلامي كثيف وحضور رياضي وفني ايضا

Z10 بدا التحدث عن جهاز بلاك بيري

BlackBerry Z10 1 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

أحمد عليوان متحدثا في الحفل عن الجهاز الجديد

الذي يختلف 180 درجة عن الاصدارات القديمة

ومن ضمن الاشياء الجمليه انه تم توقيع عقد مع برنامج الاستغرام والواتسب وخلال شهر سوف نراهم بهذا الجهاز الجميل

ومن اهم البرامج الكويتية التي سوف نراها برنامج

Kuwait News

BlackBerry Z10 5 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

فقد تحدث الصايغ

BlackBerry Z10 2 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

عن البرنامج الكويتي المحلي المختص بالاخبار المحلية والاخبار الاقتصادية والخليجية وايضا الدولية وسوف نرى قسم عالم السيارات

BlackBerry Z10 3 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

وعالم الرياضة

BlackBerry Z10 4 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

ولا ننسى ايضا سوف نرى اذاعه مارينا اف ام من ضمن البرامج

وهناك برامج تطبيقية رائعه مثل

BlackBerry Z10 9 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

Angham وApps2U

اما تطبيق انغام سوف يختص بالالبومات الغنائية واخر اللبوم تم اضافتة اللبوم الفنانة احلام موعدك

BlackBerry Z10 10 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

وبدات المطورين باللقاء كلمتهم والتحدث عن اهم الالعاب

BlackBerry Z10 7 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

BlackBerry Z10 8 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

وفيما يلي بعض الخصائص المميزة التي يتيحها النظام التشغيلي

BlackBerry 10:

خاصية Peek and Flow into the BlackBerry Hub، الذي يوفر للمستخدم مكاناً واحداً يمكنه من خلاله إدارة كافة المحادثات الشخصية أو البريد الإلكتروني الخاص بالعمل أو رسائل تطبيق BBM ومواقع التواصل الاجتماعي أو التنويهات، وكذلك إمكانية الدخول إلى BlackBerry® Hub من أي مكان.

لوحة المفاتيح BlackBerry 10 الذكية – التي تتمكن مع الوقت من التعرف على أسلوب المستخدم وطريقته في الطباعة لتتكيف مع أدائه، حتى يتمكن من الطباعة بطريقة أسرع وأكثر دقة.

خاصية Time Shift الخاصة بالكاميرا، التي تسمح للمستخدم بالتقاط صور جماعية حيث يظهر الكل مبتسماً وغير مغمضي العينين.

المتجر الالكتروني The BlackBerry® World™، والذي يحتوي اليوم على أكثر من 70 ألف تطبيق لأجهزة BlackBerry 10، بالإضافة إلى تطبيقات Facebook وTwitter وLinkedIn، وFoursquare التي تم تثبيتها على جميع هواتف BlackBerry 10.

تطبيق BBM – BlackBerry Messanger، مع خاصية التواصل الصوتي والمرئي، وإمكانية مشاركة الشاشة مع شخص آخر يستخدم هاتف BlackBerry 10.

تقنية BlackBerry® Balance™ التي تحقق التوازن بين الحياة الشخصية والعملية، وتحفظ الملفات والتطبيقات والمحتويات الخاصة بالعمل منفصلة عن الأمور والمتعلقات الشخصية.

Z10%20SpecSheet%20(Arabic)%20210x210 O Low 2 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

يتوفر الهاتف الذكي
BlackBerry Z10 حالياً لدى مزودي خدمات الهاتف المتحرك في الكويت

فيفا، ووطنية، وزين، وكبرى متاجر التجزئة في الكويت بسعر 199 دينار كويتي.

وبنهاية الحفل تم ختامها بوصلة غنائية

BlackBerry Z10 11 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

وبالاخير ما قصرو اهدو المدونه جهاز بلاك بيري 10

BlackBerry Z10 12 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

فشكرا لشركة  بيلاك بيري والقائمين على هذا الحفل والتنظيم الرائع

  • Site : Link
    Twitter : @ME_BlackBerry
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    Big Thanks || دارين عواد
    Photo by | Marshad al-Marshad | instagram : mrshdstudio | Mob : 94441499

blackberry 10 1 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

BlackBerry Z10 launch celebrated at exclusive VIP event in Kuwait

BlackBerry%20Z10 SpecSheet US LR 1 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

BlackBerry® hosted an exclusive VIP event in Kuwait in celebration of the BlackBerry® 10 platform and the recently launched the BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone at Sahara Resort.

The event also showcased local Kuwaiti businesses and developers who have designed apps specifically for the BlackBerry 10 platform, including Kuwait News, Anghami, Apps2U, and Marina FM.

Key features on the BlackBerry 10 platform:

Peek and Flow into the BlackBerry Hub – A single place to manage all your conversations whether personal or work email, BBM™ messages, social media updates or notifications, and the ability to “peek” into the BlackBerry Hub from anywhere, so you’re always only one swipe away from what matters to you.
Keyboard – A keyboard that understands and adapts to you, that learns what words you use and how you use them, then offers them up to you so you can type faster and more accurately.
Time Shift – An astonishing camera feature that lets you capture a group shot where everyone is smiling with their eyes wide open. S
BlackBerry® World™ – The storefront now includes 70,000 BlackBerry 10 apps. In addition, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare apps for BlackBerry 10 are preinstalled.
BBM™ (BlackBerry® Messenger) – BBM in BlackBerry 10 includes voice calling and video chat, and introduces the ability to share your screen with another BlackBerry 10 contact.
BlackBerry® Balance™ technology – Protects what is important to customers and the businesses they work for.

BlackBerry%20Z10 SpecSheet US LR 2 #BlackBerry #Z10 || تغطيتنا لحفل انطلاق جهاز بلاك بيري 10 بالكويت

The BlackBerry Z10 is available in Kuwait through Viva, Wataniya, and Zain telecom along with retail partners. The unsubsidized pricing of the BlackBerry Z10 is KD 199.

  • Site : Link
    Twitter : @ME_BlackBerry
    FB : Link
    Big Thanks || Ashlina Davidson
    Photo by |Marshad al-Marshad | instagram : mrshdstudio | Mob : 94441499