Teen suicide

Muna Al-Fuzai

Muna Al-Fuzai

Life today has changed, and parents have to accept the fact that they no longer have the final word in the lives of their sons and daughters anymore. Being a parent of a teenager is not an easy mission if you are not an open minded person. When parents try to control their teenagers’ ideas and behaviors disregarding that we live in a different world than the one they were brought up in, this could and will lead to conflicts and troubled relations between the two. The scary part here is that while a fight in the house can lead to a bad mood and headache on the parents’ side, the teenager could quietly end his or her short life.

Last week a Kuwaiti teen girl ended her life in her bathroom because she was expelled from school. Now the full story will never be known because we are a society that is good in hiding facts. This young life ended in a sad way for a trivial reason, which could’ve been easily solved if the parents and schools had dealt wisely and tried to dig into the root of the matter to help her. I have been doing some online search about the rate of suicide among teenagers in Kuwait and the Gulf countries. Here is what I found.

First, most of these suicide incidents are by girls.

Second, it confirms the fact that parents discriminate between boys’ and girls’ troubles in school and life.

Third, reasons for the suicide attempts are mostly over love relations or not doing well in school. Fourth, the ministry of education should have taken the trouble to study this phenomenon and find solutions to help parents, teenagers and school administrations to stop expulsions or suspensions.

This is a mistake and will never help the teenager correct his problem. Sorry to say that until today, the society is easy on boys who skip schools and have relations with girls, but hard on young girls who may commit such mistakes with no one to listen to or guide them. I believe teens who kill themselves are depressed, but it doesn’t happen in a day and for no reason. Teens are often very good at hiding their problems, but good, loving parents should be able to tell because they are close to their children and are able to communicate with them directly. These ties are surely broken before the suicide occurs.

As long as no solution is offered, the possibility that more lives are at stake is a real threat. The ministry of education must stop expelling students from schools and put counselors to serious work. Observation and monitoring depressed or violent kids is not hard, and helping these kids face their troubles can save lives.

By Muna Al-Fuzai

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