The Batcha Experience

Although this might be hard to believe, Batcha is a dish I’ve been wanting to try for a very long time. I had heard about it from a friend who had heard about it from another friend who most likely also heard it from someone else which would explain why I was told Batcha was actually a soup containing sheep balls, eyes, bones, brains, liver and tongue. That’s (disappointingly) not what Batcha turned out to be.

I was told there was a small restaurant tucked away at the corner of a traffic intersection in Kuwait City that serves only Batcha so I headed there with a friend of mine expecting to try the soup I described earlier. Instead it turned out Batcha was just sheep head and hooves. We decided to order their largest platter which included a sheep tongue, sheep head and four hooves. A short time later we were served two bowls of what looked like hot water mixed with oil. Not very appetizing but turns out it’s the broth that the heads and hooves were boiled in. We also got some fresh Irani bread as well and some greens. While we were trying to figure out what to do with the bowl of broth the waiter came back with our platter. It didn’t look appetizing either, but I wasn’t expecting it to.

The bowl of broth according to the waiter is a soup but I decided to use it as dip instead. I took a piece of Irani bread, put some tongue and sheep head on it and then dipped it into the broth and took my first bite. It tasted as good as it looked, not that great. But I was there for the experience so I tried to eat as much as I could. The hooves, those were the most difficult thing to eat since they looked really gross. It’s mostly skin and when I peeled the skin off and tried to eat it, I bit on something hard which turned out to be the nails of the sheep. Who knew sheep had nails?

I really didn’t eat much neither did my friend and our plate was left mostly full. But, I would still recommend the place. The thing is it’s a strange and exotic dish with the added benefit of not having to travel to some far away country to experience it. So if you’re into trying strange dishes you should pass by and give it a shot. Here is a map to the location [Map]

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