The Government Continues Confiscation of the Right to Strike and Peaceful Protest Referring Administratives in the Ministry of Education of Sohag and 3 Teachers in Suez for Investigation

Cairo February 27, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the persistent of the authorities to confiscate the right to mass expression of the opinion and prosecute the workers and teachers in the judicial and administrative investigation on the background of their participation or call for peaceful protest to press their superiors in order to achieve their economic and social demands in addition to improve their working circumstances.

In Suez, the governor and the undersecretary of the ministry of education during their visit to the school of “Canal”, decided to refer three teachers to investigation before the legal affairs on the background of inviting to protest for achieve their demands in improving their finical situation and determine lowest and highest pay for the bounces of the tests and establishing colleague fund in addition to be included in the executive regulation of the staff of the Suez canal authority.

In Sohag, the undersecretary deiced to refer all the protesters and who are under work strike on charges of harming the public interest and state’s affairs in addition to disturb the educational process on the background as several administratives and workers organized a demonstration to call for not deduct any of their bounces.

It is noted that the state returned back to face the mass protest of the citizens by the security solutions and administrative and judicial investigations in an attempt to silence the voices who demand improving the circumstances of their living, as the security bodies arrested on last Saturday 15 workers from Faragallh factories in Alexandria and 27 were referred to investigation on the background of organizing a peaceful demonstration to call for improving their work conditions.

On February 18, the security bodies dispersed the protest organized by the temporary workers in Portland Cement in Alexandria in front of the administrative building of the company to call for being hired and be equal to their colleagues by the excessive violence and force.

ANHRI said that “the presistent of using the security methodologies and intimidation to face the peaceful protests, shows the hostitlity against the right to mass expression of the opinion which became a public policy that could be adopted by the decision makers in Egypt. The judicial authorities and investigative bodies must quickly intervene to holds the responsible accountable for penalizing the citizens regarding their legitimate rights and holds the responsible of using violence into accountable”.

ANHRI asserted on that the authorities must pay attention to the interest of the citizens and answer their social demands instead of confiscating their legitimate rights to protest and work strike.

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