The never-ending drama

Badrya Darwish

Badrya Darwish

Parliament after parliament, we’re facing the same issues. We’re tired. We’re fatigued. It’s a never-ending drama. When are you going to put a stop to this game? Our parliament is becoming like Turkish soap operas that are loved by the Arab world.

How many parliaments are revolving around the same issues, of grilling or accusing or threatening to grill each other? They started during the time of Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad, and we’ve had like six parliaments and a new grilling every day, from oil geishas in Japan, cash handouts and money transfers to the failure of the Dow deal, corruption, etc. Even with a new prime minister, still the same issues and the same threats.

They are starting the same game with Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak. And if he is fed up and decides he wants to quit this game, I’m sure the coming prime minister will face the same situation.

So is this the fashion of running the country or what? How many parliaments are wasting the time of the nation? I’m watching the American Congress, I’m watching the House of Commons in London and the Duma in Russia and other parliaments around the world. We never see this issue of grilling for trivial matters and even if there are serious questions, it doesn’t consume the entire term of the parliament. Are there no other serious issues to be solved for Kuwait? All is well? All is perfect, 100 percent?

The parliament has become like a stereotyped group of old ladies sitting in the morning, having their chai and knitting or crocheting and gossiping about their neighbors or each other. But at least these little old ladies produce a jumper or a blanket at the end of all their chatting and gossip. But what is this parliament accomplishing for us, may I know?

Corruption is on the rise everywhere. No new projects and no development. We just hear of projects costing billions passing without being studied or scrutinized by the Audit Bureau. Useful projects scrapped and no one knows why. We hear of hospitals and power plants and metro stations and summer after summer comes and we don’t see any improvement. Public schools suck although billions are spent on them, and the majority of students attend private schools and pay for private tuitions.

What other projects are working? KAC for instance, which has been semi-grounded for the last 20 years? And now we are hearing of new planes, also bought in questionable circumstances. But nevertheless, I hope it works. What about real estate and housing and the cost of a small plot of land? My goodness!

What else can I talk about? I’ll ask the honorable gentlemen of the parliament, whenever they have the time to spare, to look at what Kuwait needs.

By Badrya Darwish

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