The Only Way to Halt the Coming Massacres is the Return of the Residents of the Campaign to Ashrf Campaign As Soon As Possible

48 thousands of rights, lawyers, professors, doctors and Engineers from Egypt, Syria, Jordon, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisian and Yemen strongly condemn, by signing the statement and writing message to Mr. Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General and all the concerned states, the third massacre against the Iranian opposition “Mujahadeen-e-Khalq” in a missile attack on the Liberty camp which led to the death of 7 of the residents and injuries to more than other 100.

The signatories of this press release and messages that the attack on the refugee camp is a war crime that deserve the strongest condemns. The only solution to prevent repeating such human disaster is by returning the people to Ashrf camp where there are a lot of resorts and concrete buildings in contradiction with the Liberty camp that comprises of week caravans and without any resorts or shelters that people could resort to, it doesn’t have the lowest level of security.

The signatories considered that the responsibility of the attack are hold on the rulers in Iran with the assistance of the elements of the Iraqi government and Martin Copler, the special representative in Iraq who paved the way to the process of forced move of the people.

The signatories announced that after more than one year from the move of people from Ashrf camp to Liberty showed that the idea of « a temporary site to cross » is a failed idea. In addition to the idea of the guarantees of the safety and security of the people in Liberty is not but an illusion. The only way to prevent such massacres is to get the people back to Ashrf camp, in which they lived for 26 years.

The signatories from 8 Arab countries called the High Commissioner for Refugees Mr. Antonio Gutierrez to announce the legal situation of the people by giving them the right to Asylum to protect their safety and security.

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