The Ridiculous Prices of Soft Drinks


I never really checked a restaurant’s menu for prices before. If I want to get something I get it regardless of the price. The other day I tried to order in lunch from a restaurant that is new to the “home delivery” scene in Kuwait and they took forever to arrive. When lunch was finally on my dining table I realized it was missing my diet soft drink. I double checked the bill for my missing can of soft drink, maybe I didn’t order it? Only to find that I did order it and that the cost of that missing can of cola is 1 KD!

1 KD for a can of soft drink? I’m not cheap or stingy with money but I know for a fact that a can of soft drink is sold at the co-ops for 80 fils! From 80 fils to 1 KD? Thats just too much! I check other restaurants with delivery menus and the prices of a can of soft drink is between 250 or 300 fils, maximum 500 fils. But an entire Kuwaiti dinar for one can of cola that is missing b3d? That’s just too much.

I understand the price of ordering an expensive soft drink in restaurants: storage, service, glasses, washing liquid, labor, ice, coaster, lemon, a straw to drink out with. But when you grab the can out of the shelf in the fridge and put it in the bag and charge me an entire KD for it, that’s unrreasonable. Restaurants should revise the prices of soft drink cans in their take away and delivery menus, its unfair to pay both a hefty delivery charge and a more than ten times the price of a soft drink can for a take out meal.

I don’t think I will be ordering anymore soft drinks from a restaurant for over 350 fils. I’d rather drink water from my cooler. My philosophy in ordering things blindly must stop, no wonder I’m always broke by the end of the month!

What about you? Do you think charging 1 KD for a can of cola that may or may not arrive is acceptable?

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