The Sudan: ANHRI Demands the Halt of the Execution Sentence against a Darfurian Activist

Cairo February 24, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), demands today the immediate halt of the execution sentence issued against “Bakri Mous Mohamed” the Darfurian activist, on December 31, 2012 and the execution was adjourned more than once and he would be executed in the next few days.

The Sudanese authorities have arrested Bakri Mousa Mohamed, the Darfurian activist in 2009 on the background of participation in the protests that brokeout to denounce the repressing of the displaced people from Southern Sudan by the security forces after the authorities fabricated murder crime to him and allegedly said that he involved in this crime. The Durfarian court of Appeal senteced him for 10 years in 2009 and sent to Couper Prison in Khartoum 2010.

On December 31, 2012, a prison officer toled him of amending the sentence of imprisonment to execution, Muhamed was taken to the halter three times; in which every time, the execution adjourns for 35 days and the last of these periods will end in days.

ANHRI said that “the arrest of Bakri Mousa Mohamed and fabricating the charge of involvement in a murder due to his opposition to the repressive regime tools, is a serious violation to the freedom of expression and participation in the peaceful gathering in addition to the demonstrations that were guaranteed by all the international treaties and norms”.

ANHRI added that “the trial of the activist was clear from the due process standers, especially, after the amending of the sentence issued against him from imprisonment to execution which deemed to be a serious violation to the law. It isn’t allowed to re-start the trial of a person for the same crime after the end of all the levels of litigation and he begin to implement the sentence. Moreover, the re-trial started without his knowledge and without access to defense, which is guaranteed by the law and the constitution of Sudan in addition to all the relevant international treaties and charters”.

ANHRI asserted on in case of the implementation of the sentence, that all legal legitimacy conditions were violated, it will be an intended murder away from the frame of law.

ANHRI calls the authorities to immediately and unconditionally release the Darfurian activist and drop all the charges pressed on him. ANHRI also calls the authorities to conduct an immediate investigation to reveal the involved persons in arresting and fabricating the charge to the activist and hold them accountable. In particularly, as Bakri suffered serious violation to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which guarantee the right to protest. It is also a violation to the African charter to human rights which stipulated that the necessity to due process in the trial of the persons if their conviction were proved. As provided for in Article no. 7 of Chapter I: Human and Peoples’ Rights, the first part on the rights and duties.

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