The Sudan: the Authorities Must Halt the Series of the Confiscations Conducted Against the Newspapers and Lift the Ban Imposed on the News Websites

Cairo March 27, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the authorities fierce campaign that established against various media, visual and audio, as the authorities confiscated a daily newspaper due to publishing news regarding the protests of the opposition. ANHRI also expresses its deep resentment regarding the blocking of the website “Sudanese Online” and “Sudan Nile” due their popularity.

The authorities, on Sunday March 24, 2013, confiscated Khartoum Daily Newspaper, an independent newspaper, due to publishing news related to the protests of the opposition. As they protested against the authorities arrest to their comrades, the figures of the opposition, after they have attended a conference in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. The protesters demand their release but the police forces dispersed the protest by excessive force on Saturday March 32, 2013, through heavy tear gas bombs.

Sudanese authorities have also blocked the most important websites in Sudan concerned with the state conditions and the dissemination of various news; pro and against, they are very popular among the people of Sudan. The Sudanese authorities have blocked my Sudanese Online and Sudan Nile.

ANHRI said that “”the continuation of the series of confiscation of the newspapers and blocking websites in Sudan in addition to the list of the endless red lines imposed by the authorities, make Sudan,practically, a country with no press freedoms at all. In the sametime, that the ruling regime close its ears regards the local and regional demands to halt the continuous harassments on the news organizations and their staff, is added to the lack of any political horizon to solve the escalated crisis in the Sudan”.

ANHRI demands to revoke the decision regarding the confiscation of Khartoum newspaper and lift the ban imposed on websites in addition to ensure the freedom of the press and media. ANHRI also repeated its demands from the international community to exert serious pressure on the Sudanese regime to stop its continued repression of the press freedoms.

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