Two Years since the Begin of the Communication Cut Case, Two Years of Concealing the Killers!! Rights’ Organization Demands the President to Prove his Seriousness in Protecting the Rights of the Martyrs

Cairo February 23, 2013

14 Egyptian rights’ organizations said today that after the passing of two years without sending to the court; the responsible for the involvement in the murder through cutting the communication, despite the end of the investigations in the case that was brought by the lawyers of ANHRI in February 23, 2011, to reveal the name of who ordered to cut the communication and to punish him as he is considered to be an accomplice to the crime. The case wasn’t sent to the court despite it is ready to be deliberated in the court after it has obtained no. 9329 of 2011 kerdasa Misdemeanor since August. All of the above deemed to be an assault on the rule of law, concealing on persons accused of murder and a continuation to the impunity policy, despite the first elected president; never misses an opportunity to declare his bias to the rights of the martyrs and the blood of the martyrs in his neck without taking any real procedures to prove such statements.

It is worthy to note that the former District Attorney “Abdelmegeed Mahmoud” and his assistant “Adel El-Saaid” delayed conducting the investigation for long time until ANHRI was able to complies them to investigate the case. The investigation was completed in August when the northern Giza prosecution ordered to send the case to the Misdemeanor Court of Kerdassa.

But the General Attorney Deputy “Adel El-Saaid” returned back again to the delay and mislead the lawyers of ANHRI as he froze the case in the drawers of his office. After pressures which include revealing his role in assaulting the justice, he sent it the military prosecutor general who refused to send the case to the court in an assault on the sovereignty of law!

Therefore, ANHRI send the facts of the crime to the president and demands his intervention to enforce the law in November 6, 2012. Despite the file was sent to the president and on his desk, but it didn’t move until today and he didn’t fulfill any of his promises in enforcing the law and preserve the rights of the martyrs.

The undersigned rights organizations said that “the president renunciation of his promises and refusal to intervene in order to enforce the law and urge the military judiciary to stop freezing the case and send it to the court, in particular as it is ready to be sent to the court, all of that makes him considered to participate in concealing the presons who are involved in killing the martyrs of the revolution through cutting the communication which deprived many of them from receiving the medical care after they were shot by the police bullets, especially in the day of anger January 28, 2011”.

It is worthy to be mentioned that the president act of closing his eyes regarding the conceal of the military prosecutor related to the offenders who are involved in killing the protesters as a result of the communication cut, is incompatible with the allegations of respect the independence of the judiciary as the president himself deposed the Attorney General, although he has no right to do so. In the same time the military judiciary doesn’t enjoy such independence as it is a judiciary affiliated to the military institution and to the president in his capacity as the supreme commander of the armed forces in addition to the public prosecutor block to send this the court which is a legal violation that he should hold in accountable.

The signatory organizations of this statement:-

– The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

– Nadim Center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence

– Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination

– Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression

– Cewla

– Arab Foundation for Civil Society & Human Rights Support- The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights

– Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights

– Martyr Center for Defending Rights and Law Firm

– Hisham Mubarak Law Center

– Egyptian Association for Training and Human Rights

– National Society for Human Rights

– Egyptian Coalition on the Rights of the Child

– Egyptian Foundation for the advancement of childhood

Relevant information:

Details of the cut of internet case in the hands of the president and demands from him to fulfill his promises after the case was for 20 months in the public and military prosecutions, the time of accountable didn’t come yet?

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