UAE: ANHRI Denounces the Preexistent of the UAE Authorities in its fierce Campaign against the Families of the Detainees

Cairo March 27, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the continues of the campaign established by the UAE authorities against some UAE citizens and its continues harass on the families of the detainees.

The security forces were arrested on Friday March 22, 2013, the activist “Abdullah El-Hadidi”, the son of the detainees, the preacher Abdulrahman El-Hadidi who was arrested on the mid of the July 2012 from Dubai international airport during his attempt to travel pilgrimage of Mecca, after they raid his house on 3:00 am, due to allegations a presence of a report against him (finical case) and he was detained until Sunday 24, 2013. Then he appeared before the prosecution and he was charged by; attacking a security personnel and publishing a false information regarding to the hearing of 94 detainees. Abduallah El-Hadidi denied this charges totally and then a prosecution witnesses were brought to testify that he attacked the police personnel who was in the court. Such charge is similar to charge pressed on the daughter of Dr. Mohamed El-Masnouri, as a result of it, the first instance court sentenced her for three months before she was acquitted by the court of appeal.

The activist “Abduallah El-Hadidi” was one of the significant reporters of the course of the trials of 94 detainees via twitter in addition to cooperation with the human rights observing committee that attended the hearing of the mockery trial in addition to his continues communication with the families of the detainees.

The security forces arrested several other of citizens without specific or known charges as the security forces on night of Monday arrested “Taher El-Tamimi” in front of his house in Abu Dahbi after they have searched his house and car. They have also arrested “Saaid Abdullah El-Brimi”, the institutional communication director in Sharjah transportations. Moreover, they have arrested the engineer “Abdulwahed Hassan El-Badi” the director of the road administration in the ministry of works in Dubai after they have searched his house for 4 hours.

The high federal court, witnessed yesterday the fifth hearing of the 94 detainees who were charged from the overthrow of the regime. This hearing witnessed several serious violations by the security forces as they ban the families of the detainees from attending the hearings. Among the people who were prevented from attending the mother of the human rights activist “Dr. Mohamed El-Roken” in addition to preventing human rights observers and foreign media-professionals from attending the hearings.

ANHRI said that “the persistent of the security bodies in the arrest campaign and the harassments conducted against the families of the detainees in addition to preventing them from attending the hearings, that should be made in public, all of that violated the basic guarantees of the fair trial which represented in the publicity of trial”.

ANHRI added that the charges pressed on Abdullah makes him the first UAE citizen to be charged in accordance with the cyber law that was enacted at the end of 2012, which imposed a wide group of restrictions on the freedom of expression via internet.

ANHRI demands from the authorities to immediately release all the detainees and dropping all the charges pressed on them

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