Urgent statement – Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Headquarter… Approach or Photography is Forbidden

Results of the elections of the Press Syndicate and the Student Unions have deepened the isolation of the Muslim Brotherhood and also deepened their sense of the historical apprehension of all democratic forms. They become unable to stand criticism concerning the ongoing and clear-cut interventions within the Egyptian politics.

This has been clearly demonstrated in the events took place yesterday in front of the Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters in El-Moqattam where a group of young Muslim Brotherhood attacked a group of journalists and activists who had gathered there to reject their policies and their meeting with a delegation of Hamas drawing some graphite on the street ground to express their rejection of such practices. However, the Muslim Brotherhood youth have attacked demonstrators with rods and bladed weapons. Also, they insulted, beat and trailed demonstrators along the ground.

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists condemns the attacks against demonstrators in front of Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters and asserts that the right to peaceful protests is guaranteed in accordance with the international conventions and also with Article 50 of the Egyptian constitution and confirms that the violation and the restrain of this right by any mean and the attacks on protesters is a crime of which the criminal and civil lawsuit shall not be dropped as stated in Article 80 of the Constitution. Beside, according to Article 76 of the Constitution, these attacks are crime as it states “Punishment is personal, no crime or punishment except as provided in a constitutional or by legal text”.

In the light of the aforementioned articles of the Constitution and in the light of their being peacefully protesting, carrying no weapons of any kind except brushes and colors, what happened in front of the Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters is a crime … This statement is like a complaint to the Attorney-General who should adopt all legal actions as owned the public authority in the field of criminal trigger.

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