Urgent statement – Egypt The siege of the media production city is terrorism For media, media representatives and politicians

The Islamic political currents have besieged the Media Production City, for the second time in less than three months, where they surrounded all entrances and gates of the city and declared their intention to abuse some media representatives and some TV channels that hosts political opponents of the existing political regime.

Some of the guests of those channels have been attacked, like the attack of the car which includes both Dr. Hassan Nafaa professor of political science at Cairo University and Mr. Hafez Abu Saada the human rights activist. They broke the front and back glass of the car and they were about to kill them both.

Although the Arab Program emphasizes his absolute belief in the right to protest, however, he thinks that what is happening in front of the Media Production City is not a practice of the right guaranteed under international conventions, but it is an attack on the fundamental right of human which is the right to freedom of opinion and expression and thinks It is a campaign – as in the words of some of those who besiege the city – to discipline media representatives and journalists who oppose the existing regime.

Moreover, the Arab Program believes that there is duplication of standards in the security and judicial tackling of what happened in El-Mokattam and what is happening in front of the Media Production city. While the security services moved for the protection of the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, they did not move to protect the Media Production City, and while there are calls for five political activists on charges of the incitement to violence in front of the headquarters, they did not deal similarly with the instigators of the Media siege, and even the threat of burning the city, and the attacks on guests of the channels and the abuse and intimidation against them.

This judicial and security duality makes things getting worse, and widens the gap between political factions in Egypt, which leads to the growing of congestion that might in a moment results in popular explosion.

The Arab Program demands the police forces to play their impartial role in securing the Media Production City, and in securing the entry and exit of the media representatives and guests and demands the general prosecutors to play their part with those who besiege the media freedom and those who threaten to burn and kill journalists and politicians, and this statement is a complain to the Attorney General on the attack on the activists Hassan Nafaa and Hafez Abu Saada.

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