Visit to M&M World

I promised to take you on a quick tour to M&M World in London, well I’m now in London (again) for yet another business trip and will stay for three weeks. I passed by M&M world on the weekend and took numerous shots and made a video (see above). I’ve been hearing nice stuff about it from several friends that made me decide to see it in person. It’s located at Leicester Square which just across Piccadilly Circus and nearby China Town. It’s a big candy store with total area of 3,250 sq. meter and built on 4 levels. Inside you get to see the history of M&M candies, actually everything inside was about M&M including accessories, kids toys, clothes, mugs, souvenirs…etc. Though what I liked about M&M World store is the design and decorations that were both magnificent.

So if you ever happen to visit London anytime soon, it’s a great place to be with family and kids, I suspect that M&M lovers will find this place a heaven on earth since they can customize their candies and for some reason their M&Ms taste sweeter than in Kuwait but maybe it’s just me. The store supervisor told me that there are other branches located in New York, Orlando, and Las Vegas. Now let’s begin the tour and I do hope that you like it through my lenses.

20130227_173700 (Large)

20130227_171839 (Large)

20130227_172154 (Large)

20130227_172130 (Large)

20130227_172722 (Large)

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