#VIVA 4G LTE‏ || 4G LTE انتقل الي عالم

viva 1 #VIVA 4G LTE‏ || 4G LTE انتقل الي عالم

4G LTE 4 #VIVA 4G LTE‏ || 4G LTE انتقل الي عالم

VIVA telecom launched the Fourth Generation (4G) of high speed mobile networks that runs on the technology of “Long Term Evolution” (LTE), to all customers, new and existing, without any additional fees. Customers will be able to enjoy 4G LTE speeds. The 4G LTE service allows subscribers to connect to mobile networks at much higher speeds while improving on reliability and performance.

4G LTE 1 #VIVA 4G LTE‏ || 4G LTE انتقل الي عالم

Commenting on this announcement, Eng. Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Badran, VIVA’s Chief Executive Officer said: “At VIVA, we strive to continuously bring the latest technologies at the most affordable prices and offering the best value to the Kuwaiti market. VIVA has always taken pride in its high speed and reliable internet services, and with the launch of the 4G LTE, VIVA’s internet subscribers will have the freedom to browse the internet and enjoy faster data streaming at the same prices of the current internet packages, internet devices’ packages and along with the tablet plans. Moreover, voice customers with smartphone plans and Surf On plans will also be enjoying the 4G LTE network experience for free. All new customers will enjoy 4G LTE speed by subscribing to one of these packages.”

 4G LTE 2 #VIVA 4G LTE‏ || 4G LTE انتقل الي عالم

With the launch of the 4G LTE network, VIVA has upgraded all of its current internet customers along with the users to iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE on the new 4G LTE network. While all other voice customers that are interested in getting the 4G LTE can do so by sending 99 in a short SMS to 567. Customers must have a 4G LTE supported device to enjoy the service.   

4G LTE 3 #VIVA 4G LTE‏ || 4G LTE انتقل الي عالم


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