VIVA 4G LTE launched

IMG_0321-Small-425x237I just saw VIVA announcement about launching 4G LTE in Kuwait for mobile phones, it seems 4G LTE war has already started in Kuwait since Zain has launched 4G LTE back in January 2013 and soon Wataniya Telecom that I read has signed a new contract with Huawei to develop their network in Kuwait. VIVA says that their clients can upgrade their current 3G plans to the 4G LTE network by sending 99 to the number 567 yet I’m not sure about the cost or what’s the allowed daily cap. Though I suppose 4G LTE can only be activated for smartphones that are 4G-ready such as iPhone 5 model A1429 (GSM model).

I’m not sure how fast is VIVA 4G LTE but I was told by a friend who has tested their 4G LTE network using SpeedTest.Net that download speed was around 40 Mbps and 27.23 Mbps for upload but he used local servers plus I think in real life the case is different since network strength isn’t the same around Kuwait.

Thanks [Q8Spoons]

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