Yemen: ANHRI Denounces the Arrest of Activists and the Repress of Peaceful Demonstrations by the Security Forces using Live Ammunition

Cairo February 23, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces today the use of excessive force by the security forces to deal with the peaceful demonstrators in Aden city, which resulted in many injuries among the demonstrators and the news flowed that some of them are dead.

The seucirty forces used the excessive force in dealing with the demonstrators which took place in the southern areas, which include “Khour Mokser and Aden” as the forces used the live ammunition and tear gas bombs to deal with the demonstrators who call for the independence of the southern of Yemen, which resulted in several injuries and the news flowed that there are some dead people as a result of the random firing of live ammunition by the security forces.

The security forces also arrested several numbers from the Yemen activists, as in February 20, they arrested the leader in the popular movement “Qasem Askr” during a raid on his house in Aden and arrested the activist in the movement “Yasser El-Yafieh” along with the marches and demonstrations that different political forces desired to organize in the first anniversary of the Yemeni president coinciding with the first anniversary of the elected Yemeni president “Abdurabouh Mansour Hadi”.

ANHRI said that “the use of the excessive force by the security forces in dealing with the peaceful demonstrators and injures some of them, requires immediate intervention from the Yemeni president to reveal the circumstances related to such violations conducted by the security forces against the citizens, which didn’t vary from the policies of Ali Abdullah Salieh”
ANHRI demands the authorities to respect the freedom of expression and the right to peaceful demonstrations in addition to the immediate release of the detainees.

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