WEF in Jordan

WEF in Jordan: A Jordanian worker sets up chairs for a dinner party at the King Hussein convention center where the World Economic Forum on the Middle East got underway at the Dead Sea resort of Southern Shuneh, Jordan, Friday, May, 15. Over 1,3

A Middle East miracle might just happen

Malcolm Rifkind

I was once told by a senior Israeli official: “In the Middle East, if you don”t believe in miracles, you are not a realist.” One would be forgiven for believing it will need a miracle for King Abdullah of Jordan”s vision of a

U.S. returns Ur to Iraq

UR, Iraq: The U.S. military on Wednesday handed control of ancient Ur, the biblical birthplace of Abraham, back to Iraqi authorities, who hope now to reـlaunch it as a major tourism site.
“We officially announce the taking over of Ziggurat of Ur

Netanyahus Choice

Daoud Kuttab

As the summit between US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu approaches, most of the discussion has focused on whether or not the newly elected Israeli leader will finally say that he backs a twoـs

Libya allows Italy to return boat people

ROME: Libya for the first time Thursday agreed to take back boat people picked up off its shores by Italian vessels, prompting deep concern among human rights and humanitarian groups.
In what Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni hailed as a