Another MP blasts India guarantee

KUWAIT: Another Kuwaiti lawmaker yesterday called on the Kuwaiti government to react to an Indian decision requiring a $2,500 bank guarantee for each domestic worker, saying that some of the measures should include halting recruitment of manpower from the Asian giant. MP Faisal Al-Kandari, the second National Assembly member to criticize the domestic labor guarantee imposed by New Delhi, called on the interior, foreign and social affairs and labor ministries to respond in kind to the demand.

Kandari said the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor should consider halting recruitment of manpower from India and issuing work permits in order to “apply pressure on India”. He said that the Interior Ministry should not allow the Indian embassy to violate the rules and regulations in the country. The lawmaker also urged the foreign ministry to cooperate with its counterparts in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states to take coordinated action against New Delhi over its financial guarantee decision.

MP Kamel Al-Awadhi had called on the government Saturday to consider reducing the number of Indians in Kuwait, who have reached 720,000, in protest against the decision. Awadhi is the former head of the immigration department. Kandari described the Indian measure as provocative and said it could encourage other countries to follow suit and impose even higher financial requirements on Kuwaiti citizens. Kuwait is home to around 650,000 domestic helpers who frequently complain of physical and sexual abuse, are forced to work many hours with no weekly day off, while some complain of non-payment of salaries.

By B Izzak

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Kuwait bound Air India flight captain saves 153 lives

CHENNAI: The alert captain of an Air India flight to Kuwait averted a disaster at the airport here by detecting an engine snag just before takeoff and managed to halt the plane on the runway Saturday night.

There were 153 passengers on board the plane that was to land at Goa en route to Kuwait, an AI official said, adding that they have been accommodated in hotels and the flight rescheduled for yesterday.

The AI official said the plane was speeding on the runway for takeoff at around 8 pm when the captain found malfunctioning in the engine and alerted the air-traffic control (ATC). The ATC asked him to halt the flight, which he managed with some difficulty as the Airbus- 320 had picked up speed by then.

The engineers found that some parts needed replacement and they were indented from Delhi, as they were not available here. The passengers, bound for Goa and the rest booked for Kuwait were told to disembark and the plane was towed to the bay for repairs, the AI official added. — Deccan Chronicle

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Society in need for women’s efforts: Maatouq

Abdullah Al-Maatouq

Abdullah Al-Maatouq

KUWAIT: The society is in dire need for women’s voluntary and charitable efforts, particularly amid the wars and disasters that have afflicted the Muslim states, Chairman of the Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO), Amiri Diwan Advisor, Abdullah Al-Maatouq, said yesterday. The statement was made in a press conference organized by the IICO on arrangements for the world conference on the “Role of Women in Charitable Work” to be held here on December 15-17 under auspices of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al- Sabah. Maatouq, also UN Secretary-General’s Envoy for Humanitarian Affairs, noted that women are regarded as “idol capacity” due to social and cultural background that has nothing to do with real Islam.

He urged abolishing the obstacles that do not allow activating women’s role in charitable activities. The Amiri Diwan Advisor noted that since the first days of Islam, women have been sharing men the responsibility of building the society, and have never been absent from the scene. He underscored the role of women in voluntary and charitable work, calling for giving them the opportunity to fulfil it. He referred to nine female cadres form around the Muslim world in the IICO General Assembly, offering them the chance to run for the Organization’s membership. This is unprecedented in a world Islamic Organization, he stressed.

Meanwhile, the UN envoy said that he had discussed with Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Abdulatif Al-Zayani the need for a legislation to provide protection charitable workers. The chief aim of the “Role of Women in Charitable Work” initiative taken by the IICO is to highlight the real and aspiring role of Muslim women in building the societies, as well as substantiation from the religion to this, Advisor to the IICO Chairman and member of the General Assembly Shatha Mishri. Mishri, head of the conference preparatory committee, added that participants will focus on the obstacles, social or religious, impeding women’s voluntary and charitable efforts. —KUNA

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Gulf women success highlighted at conference

Minister Hind Al-Subaih addresses the conference

Minister Hind Al-Subaih addresses the conference

KUWAIT: Kuwait Industries Union yesterday highlighted the great successes of Gulf women seeking to carry out national responsibilities and urged them to do their part in the industrial sector, which is a sector that attracts the least female talent. “We must celebrate the successes of women, especially in the industrial sector in the Gulf, and highlight the most prominent of these success stories, especially at this critical juncture that requires us to pay more attention to the industrial sector to face new developments,” said Barrak Abdul Mohsen Al-Subaih, Board member of Kuwait Industries Union. “We look forward in this conference to reach common Gulf action plans in the mechanism of permanent cooperation between the industrial sectors in the Gulf in order to further activate their role and enhance the participation of women’s competencies to be a role model for all segments of society in all productive sectors of employment and others.

We are proud of the distinctive contributions of women in the Gulf and the great potential and skills in all sectors of employment,” Subaih added. Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and Planning Hind Al-Subaih said: “We wanted to have the opportunity to highlight the successful efforts and provide supervisory models of success of women in the areas of mission work in the Gulf to help them benefit from the development of joint plans for cooperation. The Gulf aims to take advantage of women’s skills in the industrial sector, including supporting industrial projects and achieve what we aspire for them.

Women make up half of the society and can participate actively in all sectors, especially the productive sectors.” The conference at the Sheraton Hotel began with four successful Gulf women – Sheikha Hind Al-Qasmi from UAE, Basma Al- Zamel from Saudi Arabia, Halel Abdulrahman Khaled from Bahrain and Kamla bint Ali Al- Ofi from Oman – who narrated their success stories about their businesses, how they managed to achieve success in a “male-dominated world” and how they proved themselves and made it big despite the difficulties and obstacles they faced. Kuwait Industries Union was established in 1989 for industry owners and investors in the industrial sector in Kuwait by a decision of the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor. The union’s membership includes about 270 industrial establishments licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The union aims to serve the industry and industrialists and take care of their interests by improving their performance and upgrading and supporting the national economy. It also aims to raise the level of workers in the industry in the technical aspects by developing their abilities by serving the industrial field and raising the will and capacity of development.

By Faten Omar

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MoI training cadets to deal with WMDs

moiKUWAIT: The Ministry of Interior’s Department of Civil Defense is holding the sixth ‘Specialized Training Course on Preventing Weapons of Mass Destruction’ from November 30 to December 11, 2014 at the Civil Defense General Department. Officers from various authorities including the National Guard, army, police, Customs Department, Fire Department and medical emergency from Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are participating in this course.

The training consists of practical and theoretical sessions and is presented by experts of the training team of the civil protection group of NATO in cooperation with the Fire Department and the Hazardous Materials Center.

Brig Jamal Al-Sayegh, Assisting Undersecretary for Operations Affairs at the MoI, said that the ministry is holding this course for the sixth consecutive year due to its benefit in the past years. “This course is a part of the systematic support of the unified security system in the GCC and aims to train cadets and improve their skills in civil protection in civil defense so they will be able to deal with weapons of mass destruction and other dangerous materials and get rid of its effects. It also trains them on the improved preparations for protection and introducing civil defense principles to the community,” he said during the opening ceremony yesterday. “This course teaches civil defense staff the principles of controlling accidents caused by weapons of mass destruction. It also includes issues related to detecting samples and disinfection with modern techniques and equipments. Furthermore the participants will understand prevention methods and ensuring the protection of civilians and safety of victims, in addition to learning the methods of eliminating the effects of pollution.

The participants will also be trained on the practical applications of field data in this course,” Sayegh added. Brig Abdullah Al-Ali, Acting General Director of the Civil Defense Department, noted that this course transfers the experience of the Kuwait civil defense in the field of protection against weapons of mass destruction to civil defense officers from GCC countries. “The cooperation with the NATO team in providing this training came in order of improve the skills of civil defense officers through the experience of nations that suffered for long years from the First and Second World Wars, and have established a special system of protection from weapons of mass destruction during the Cold War in the 1980s,” he explained.

The course includes many related issues. “The training will include facing potential challenges or dangers of using weapons of mass destruction including radioactive leaks produced from nuclear generators that are surrounding the region or chemical leaks from oil installations and others. The effect of weapons of mass destruction is not limited to wars, but accidents too,” stressed Ali.

By Nawara Fattahova

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Woman thwarts rape attempt

KUWAIT: A citizen accused a man she knows of attempting to sexually assault her inside an elevator after she refused to go with him to parties. The women, in her thirties, went to Maidan Hawally police station and told them the man surprised her in the elevator but her screams made him escape.

Auto thieves arrested Sulaibiya detectives arrested two men, a Gulf national and a bedoon, for stealing cars. The credit of their arrest goes to an elderly man who saw them attempting to steal a car, so he followed them after calling police. The suspects confessed to stealing three cars.

Search for conman A citizen was conned by a man he knows who took KD 12,000 to be his partner in a business, before disappearing. The victim told Fahd Al-Ahmad police that he agreed with the man to set up a business and gave him the KD 12,000, but he disappeared and did not answer his calls. Police are investigating.

Ex-husband charged A citizen told the public prosecution that her ex-husband kidnapped her from the house and took her to Kabd where he detained and beat her. She said that there are lingering disputes between them. The case was registered at Andalus police station, and detectives are working on the case.

Vehicle robbed A thief stole the contents of a car including a mobile phone while the owner was with his family in a Sabahiya park. The suspect smashed the back window to get in. Police are investigating.

Ex-con caught stealing camp Police arrested an ex-convict and a drug addict while stealing a camp in Mina Abdullah. A police source said the addict was found tied up by the camp owner, and he was taken to Mina Abdullah police station. He said that he stole from the camp to get money for drugs.

Policemen offended A citizen insulted policemen in Jahra security directorate and threatened them by saying she had connections to a point where no one could stop her, despite her record that is full of complaints against her including insulting police, lying, attacks and beating, escaping, urging vice crimes and adultery. The latest offense was in Jahra when she swore at policemen and threatened to harm them. A complaint was filed based on her threats. Police are investigating. — Al-Rai

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Daham clinches ‘King of Drift’ title – Red Bull Car Park Drift Grand Final

redbullKUWAIT: Jordanian drifter Ahmad Daham put in a stellar performance in front of a seven thousand strong crowd at the Red Bull Car Park Drift Grand Final 2014, which was held under the umbrella of the Dubai Motor Festival. The new champ scored 257 points aboard his Nissan Silvia, one point ahead of Ali Al Bloushi who was flying the Omani flag in another Silvia. Egypt’s Haytham Samir grabbed his spot on the podium with 236 points, after his BMW E46 lost power in the ‘Box’. Lebanese drifter Bassam Zahlan, crashed out his BMW M3 on the final run, and placed fourth overall. After celebrating his win, Daham said: “I did not expect the competition to be that tough. My team and I have been working hard over the past year to get to where we are on this very day at the Red Bull Car Park Drift Grand Final.

This is great honor for the team and I can’t wait to take the trophy back home!” The Grand Final was the culmination of a series of national qualifiers held across the region, and featured drifters from Egypt, Mauritius, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The Grand Final was presided over by international drifting stars Ken Gushi, Dai Yoshihara and Aleksandr Grinchuk who judged the participants according to a set of six criteria. Forty percent of the mark was allocated to drifting skills, while proximity to the clipping point, and car look and design each gave the drivers 15 percent of the mark. Tire smoke, car sound, and performance in the ‘Box’, a tight enclosure the drifters needed to do a ‘donut’ in, each contributed 10 percent towards the total score. The Red Bull Middle East Car Park Drift Grand Final was part of “Dubai Motor Festival”, and was held in partnership with Ford Middle East, Sony Action Cam, Meydan, Pirelli, MBC Action and Al Arabiya 99.

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