VP Pence to rally support for Venezuela’s Guaido in Miami on Friday

VP Pence to rally support for Venezuela's Guaido in Miami on FridayU.S. Vice President Mike Pence plans to head to Miami on Friday, home to the country’s largest community of Venezuelan exiles, to rally support for the opposition ahead of Venezuelan protests against President Nicolas Maduro, a White House official said. Pence, who has helped lead White House efforts to recognize self-declared president Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s rightful leader, will be joined by Florida senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, Representative Mario Diaz-Balart, and Governor Ron DeSantis, all fellow Republicans.

Venezuela targets Guaido with probe, travel ban, asset freeze

Venezuela targets Guaido with probe, travel ban, asset freezeThe court also said prosecutors could investigate Guaido, in apparent retaliation for sweeping U.S. sanctions on oil firm PDVSA, announced on Monday. The sanctions mean the state-run company may not be able to fulfill contracts with North American buyers, the government of President Nicolas Maduro said. Aimed at driving Maduro from power, the sanctions were the strongest measures yet against the 56-year-old former union leader, who has overseen economic collapse and an exodus of millions of Venezuelans in recent years.

‘I had to get in there’ says Houston officer shot for third time in career

'I had to get in there' says Houston officer shot for third time in careerThe 54-year-old officer was one of four shot on Monday evening after Dennis Tuttle, 59, opened fire on police after they broke open the door of his home to serve a narcotics warrant, Acevedo told reporters. The first officer to enter the home in southeast Houston was attacked by a large pitbull dog, which he shot to death, Acevedo said. When the wounded officer fell on a sofa, Tuttle’s partner, Rhogena Nicholas, 58, tried to pick up the fallen officer’s shotgun but was shot by other police entering the home, Acevedo said.

Dangerous arctic chill sweeps over US Midwest

Dangerous arctic chill sweeps over US MidwestTens of millions of people in the United States are bracing for a potentially life-threatening deep arctic chill forecast to hit swaths of the country on Wednesday. The US Postal Service — known for its commitment to bringing the mail whatever the weather — has even reportedly suspended deliveries in Iowa due to the severe cold. Temperatures in almost a dozen states stretching more than 1,200 miles (1,930 kilometers) from the Dakotas to Ohio were forecast to be the coldest in a generation, if not on record.

Tesla Model X owner caught sleeping on the highway with Autopilot turned on

Tesla Model X owner caught sleeping on the highway with Autopilot turned onA wild, if not disturbing, video that originally surfaced on Jalopnik shows a Tesla Model X owner taking a full-on snooze while his car drives down the highway. Tesla’s Autopilot feature is of course activated but it’s clearly not designed to let people fall asleep at the wheel. If anything, the Tesla driver in the video is so relaxed that he’s not even at the wheel; he’s full-on reclining.

The Model X in question was reportedly on a highway headed to Las Vegas and thankfully didn’t get into any type of serious crash. Indeed, there have been cases where Tesla vehicles on Autopilot get into serious crashes even with a fully alert and attentive driver. Tesla, to its credit, began implementing safety measures around its Autopilot feature in response to Tesla owners abusing the feature in downright dangerous ways. In one widely circulated video that has since been removed from YouTube, a Model S owner a few years ago turned on Autopilot and actually went into the backseat while the Tesla handled all the driving.

The slo-mo video of the sleeping Tesla driver can be seen below.

While there’s no denying that Tesla’s Autopilot feature works well when used correctly — and has even been known to help save lives — some folks believe that the Autopilot name itself is misleading and can cause drivers to rely on the feature too heavily. A few months ago, for example, a consumer watchdog group penned a letter to the FTC arguing that the Autopilot name should be changed.

The letter reads in part:

> The marketing and advertising practices of Tesla, combined with Elon Musk’s public statements, have made it reasonable for Tesla owners to believe, and act on that belief, that a Tesla with Autopilot is an autonomous vehicle capable of “self-driving
> …
> Tesla is the only automaker to market its Level 2 vehicles as “self-driving”, and the name of its driver assistance suite of features, Autopilot, connotes full autonomy. In addition to these formal marketing and advertising ploys, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, frequently misleads and deceives consumers about Autopilot’s safety and capabilities.

There’s no indication, however, that Tesla will tweak the Autopilot name in the slightest. At the time of the aforementioned letter, a Tesla spokesperson said that Tesla owners have a “very clear understanding of what Autopilot is, how to properly use it, and what features it consists of.”