ANHRI and EOHR Hold a Press Conference to Announce the Media Monitoring Project Report During the Transition The Report monitors 10 Newspaper, 10 Websites, 5 Satellite channels, 5 Religious Channels and 5 Sport Channels.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) and The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) to attend the press conference to announce the report of Monitor the Media during the Presidential Elections and the Handover of Power in Egypt, “Media and its Role in Building the State and the Society”.  The report monitors the performance of the media-outlets and their bias during the presidential elections and the handover of power. The press conference will be held at 11:00 am on Wednesday correspondent to February 27, 2013 in the head quarter of EOHR; 8/10 Mathaf El-Manial ST, 10th Floor,Manyal El-roda,Cairo,Egypt.

This is the second report after the oust of the dictator Mubarak in the monitoring program that was launched by both organizations, which was divided into two phases:
First: During the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the Parliamentary Elections; and
Second, which announce its report: the phase of the presidential elections which include monitoring 10 newspapers: “Freedom and Justice, Al-Ahram, Roza-El-usif, Al-Akhbar, El-Masry El-Youm, El-Wafad, Shorouk, Ahrar, Tahrir and Youm7”.

10 news website: “Watan, Masryelyoum, Youm7, Wafad, Ikhwan online, Ahram gate, Akhbar protal, Shorok, Masrawy and Badil”.
5 TV channels: “Egyptian TV, Nahar, Red Hayyat, CBC and ON TV”/
Religious Satellite channels: “Al-Nas, Al-Rahma, Sat 7, Azhari and CTV”
Sport Channels: “Nile Sport, Dream 1, Nahar sport, Ahly Channel and Modern Sport”.

The report paid attention to the method of addressing of all the media-outlets to the political doers and how they were biased to them; SCAF, Judiciary, Presidential Candidate, President and other political doers.

The report depends upon the quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze the content of the material published by the media-outlets.

Among the Important Findings of the Report in monitoring the media-outlets during the presidential elections and before the handover of power

Regarding monitoring the spaces allocated to every presidential candidate in seconds and the method of addressing according to time sample, the observers found that the time allocated in the Egyptian TV 64%, CBC 60%, Nahar channel 52%, ONTV 51%, Hayyat 47 of the total coverage.

It was also noted that sometimes the coverage was neutral and sometimes there was a praise to the military council; in Egyptian TV the freedom was average, while other talk shows enjoyed more freedom than the former era. The monitoring showed that the talk shows presented the opinion and other opinion with higher degree than the former era, as they presented the opinion and gave the chance to the other opinion to reply, whether via TV interventions or via interview. These talk shows hosted people from different veins when it comes to the presidential election and the runoff.

Regarding the topic that the TV programs addressed in the channels of the monitoring and spaces that were allocated to each one of them, the report monitored a remarkable set back regarding topics as demonstrations, riots, constitutional reform, judicial reform, legal reform, rights of women, education and environment, social issues, workers, unemployment, media, communication, IT, policies and governing mechanisms when they compared by the elections. Despite these topics constitute a high priority to build the foundations of a state that enjoy democracy especially in the transition.

Event: Press Conference to Announce the Media Monitoring Project Report During the Transition.
Time: 11:00 amn
Date: Wednesday February 27, 2013
Venue: the headquarter of EOHR in 8/10 Mathaf El-Manial ST, 10th Floor,Manyal El-roda,Cairo,Egypt.

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