ANHRI Denounces the Arrest of 15 Workers in the Factories of “Faragallah” and Sending 27 others to Investigations on the Background of their Strike

Cairo February 24, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, strongly denounces the security bodies act in Alexandria of arresting 15 workers and sending 27 others of the “Faragallah” workers to investigations on charges of riots on the background of organizing a strike to meet their social demands, this came after a promise from the company’s administration to listen their demands.

Mohamed Farag Amer, the owner of the company, issued an order to stop the operation of the factory on the background of the workers strike inside it. After negotiations between the company’s administration and the workers, it was decided to re-operate the factory yesterday, after the administration promised to meet their needs. But the workers were surprised after the security bodies arrested 15 workers and a decision of sending 27 others to investigations on charges of riots and the administration issued a decision to suspend them from working; among them the head of the independent union in the company “Magdy Abdulsalam” and two others from the members of the board of the union.

ANHRI said that “the security bodies still please the business, even who is counted on the former regime, regardless the legitimate rights and demands of the workers and disregarding the local and international legislation which guaranteed the rights to strike, peaceful assembly and mass expression of opinion”.

ANHRI added “the right to mass assembly is guaranteed and must be protected by the security bodies, work administrations and Egyptian authorities to consider the economic and social demands of the workers instead of using the security solutions to address the exercising of their legitimate rights in expressing the opinion”.

ANHRI demands the authorities to hold the responsible for intimidating, arresting and fabricating the charges to workers, accountable in addition to consider their demands.

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