Bahrain: ANHRI Demands the Authorities to Penalize the Responsible for Murdering two Martyrs and Releasing the Tear Gas Bombs on the Houses

Cairo February 16, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the use of excessive force by the authorities to deal with the peaceful demonstrations that took place in Bahrain on February 14, to celebrate the second anniversary of the Bahraini uprising and denounces the murdering of two protesters which resulted in several suffocations as well as the security forces deliberation to launch the tear gas bombs on the houses.

The Bahraini security forces had launched the tear gas bombs and shut gun bullets, which is banned internationally, against the demonstrators who went to the squares and streets of Bahrian to assert on their demands for freedom and democracy in addition to release the detainees and celebrate the second anniversary of the Bahrain uprising as well as their attempt to reach pearl square, which is the symbol of the revolution. The use of excessive force resulted in the death of at least two young men among them a young man of 17 years old, as the security forces fired three bullets from the shotgun that led to his death, in addition to the several suffocations among the demonstrators as a result of the heavy gas.

In a deliberate persistence to fire the tear gas bombs on the houses, the security forces fired the tear gas bombs on the houses without reasons which led to several suffocations to the families and children. Previously, more than a person have died as a result of the suffocations due to gas while they were in their house. On Wednesday February 13, 2013, “Amynia Said Mahdi Said Abdullah (36 years old) from Abu-Saai’ area was the recent victim to gas bombs since almost a month, which led to her health deterioration.

ANHRI said that “the persistence of the Bahraini authorities to use the same security method with the peaceful demonstrators and prosecute them in addition to target the activists directly during the demonstration on the background of expressing their opinions peacefully, proves that the initiatives related to the national discussion, that the authorities called for, are just mockery initiatives won’t lead to anything. Such initiatives were to gain time and calming the streets before the second anniversary to be added to the other previous initiatives as the most significant one of them is forming a fact find committee, which is known by Basuoni committee, which none of its recommendations are implemented yet”.
ANHRI added “the persistence of the security forces in firing the tear gas bombs on the houses of the peaceful citizens which prove that the forces disregarding the life of the citizens”.

ANHRI called the authorities to submit the responsible of firing the tear gases on the houses to investigate such serious violation in order not to add such violation to the list of violations committed by the security forces and then they disregard it, while prosecuting the activists and politicians and sending them to prison due to peaceful expression of their opinions.
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