Bahrain: ANHRI Denounces Acquitting Police Personnels from Charges of Killing Victims

Cairo March 14, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the sentence issued by the Major Criminal Court I of acquiting five police personnel from the charges of killing and torturing Zakriah Rashed El-Ashiri, while convicted two of them of killing torturing Ali Isa Ibrahim Saqer.

The Major Criminal Court I, in its hearing held on Tuesday, March 12, 2013, sentenced two security personnels for ten years imprisonment on charges of beating that lead to the death of the activist “Ali Isa Ibrahim Saqer”, while acquitted them from the charges of beating that lead to death of the activist “Zakariah Rashid El-Ashiri”. The court acquitted three other police personnels from the charges of knowledge of a murder is taking place against activists and didn’t report.

They were killed in 2011 as a result of being tortured by the police personnels during their detention prison of “El-Hod El-Gaf” on the background of their participation in the Bahraini uprising in 2011, after accusing them of charges related to national safety at the time.

ANHRI said that “the sentence of acquitting the police personnels from murdering the activist “Zakaria”, although some were convict of murdering the activist” Ali Saqer”,  is only sentence to be added to the total sentences issued against number of police personnels which  acquit them of charges of killing number of activists and demonstrators; among the series of impunity”.

ANHRI said that “the continuation of acquitting the police personnels from the charges pressed on them gives them the motivation to commit further abuses against activists and protesters, in the absence of being by the Bahraini regime regarding to these violations”.

ANHRI demands from the regime to lift his hand from the judiciary and stop politicizing its sentences to conform with the political interests of the regime. It also demands to review the various sentences which focused mostly on punishing the activists and rights’ advocates with exaggerating penalties on trumped-up charges, while provided a safe way and immunity, against the enforcement of the law, to all perpetrators of murder and torture of the police personnels in the frame of the repressing the uprising and the people’s movement.

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