Bahrain: ANHRI Denounces Running Over the Security Forces During A Funeral of the Martyr of the second anniversary

Cairo January 18, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the use of the excessive force in dealing with the demonstrators and running over the security forces in the funeral of the second anniversary of the Bahraini uprising which led to several injuries among the demonstrators.

The security forces, during its presence on the morning of February 16, 2013 in the place of the funeral in “Geblah Habshi”, banned the demonstrators from accessing the place of the funeral. Once the body of the martyr arrived, thousands of the citizens attend the funeral, but then the security forces invaded the funeral by their cars and run over some of them, in addition to fire the tear gas bombs on who attended the funeral and fire the shut gun bullets on them which resulted in increasing the number of injuries in addition to chasing them in the side streets to arrest them.

The Bahraini Security bodies have established some of the barracks and check points in the near El-Diah and El-Sanabs districts, as the anti-riots forces and shields spread on the entrances of the two zones and banned several citizens from entering their houses. The citizens were guided to other entries to their zones, which repeated with the other entries, that led the residents to pass to their homes and leaving their cars out of their place of residents.

ANHRI said that “the persistent of the authorities to repress the peaceful demonstration and deliberate attacks on the demonstrations, prove beyond the reason of doubt that regime doesn’t understand any of the fact on the ground. It also prove that the security solution, which proved its failure, is the only solution that the regime uses, despite that such solutions increase only the determination of the demonstrators adherence to their legitimate demands and their seek toward democracy and freedom”.

ANHRI demands the authorities to respect the freedom of expression and peaceful demonstration in addition to ANHRI called the world society to strictly stand in the face of the persistence of the serious violations committed by the regime against the rights of the citizens.

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