Bahrain: ANHRI Denounces the Persistent Targeting the Activist Sayed Yusuf El-Mohfazah by the Authorities

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), expresses its deep concern regarding the appeal of the Bahraini prosecution to the judgment issued by the acquittal of the activist “Sayed Yusuf El-Mohafza” from the case of publishing false news on “twitter”.

The human rights activist, is the responsible of monitoring and following up in the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, has received on Tuesday April 2, 2013, a notification to appear before the Major Criminal Court II on Monday July 1, 2013 to review the case no. 11201300742- Major Criminal Appeal after the public prosecution appealed the sentence issued by the acquittal of “El-Mohafza” in the case no. 07201300154 in which he is accused of publishing false news on twitter.

The facts of the case back to December 17, 2012 when the security forces arrested him on the background of his presence in Manama to cover the events that took place during December, not to participate in the demonstrations. The public prosecution, on December 18, charged him of publishing a false news on twitter and decided to confine him for 7 days on investigations before it decide in December 25 to renew his confinement for another 15 days, before he was released in January 17, 2013 and after several hearings which marred with several legal violations against him. On March 11 the court acquitted him from the charges pressed on him.

It is worthy to be mentioned that the authorities persistently as he was arrested many times, recently in the last week during his participation in the assembly with the family of the human rights activist “Nabeel Rajab” during the international week of solidarity with Nabeel on the charges of participation in unauthorized march.

In a related context, the authorities prevented “Ann Mary” the Danish MP from meeting the human rights activist “Zainb El-Khawajah” who spent an imprisonment term of three months due to allegations that she refused to wear the costumes of the prisoners. This comes after two days of the authorities ban to the Denmark ambassador to meet the human rights activist “Abdulhaday Al-Khawajah”.

In a continuation of the prosecutions of the participants in the uprising and intellectuals, the prosecution investigate with “Sana Zinedine” former Secretary of Bahraini Teachers Association, on the background of the report lodged by the Ministry of Social Development, on  allegations that she stated to the newspaper (Wasat) in her capicty as  the Secretary- General Association of Teachers despite it was dissolved and although she spoke to the newspaper as she is interested in the affairs of the teachers, whose rights have been violated and their salaries were deducted without any legal basis. She has denied all the charges pressed on her before they release her.

ANHRI said that “the appeal of the prosecution against the acquittal of “El-Mohafaza” proves, beyond the reason of doubt, that prosecution became a tool in the hands of the regime to silence the opposition voices and harassing the activists and intellectuals on malicious charges to intimidate and spread the fear in their souls in the light of the bad treatment that the activists and the rights’ advocates receive in the prisons in addition to maltreat and distort them in front of the people”.

ANHRI demands from the authorities to drop all the charges pressed on “Sana” and demands from the prosecution to refuse to file a criminal claim against her. ANHRI also demands from Bahrain to review its situation regarding dealing with the activists and intellectuals, as it is supposedly the prosecution is a mean to achieve justice and give everyone his right not a tool in the hand of the authorities to punish the opposition.
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